Heartstrings & Algorithms: Can a Chatbot be sentient?



How will AI change the landscape of the broadcasting & media industry?

We caught up with the President of the nation’s oldest and largest chain of broadcasting schools to get his take on how the future of AI could change the media landscape.

Is there an imposter among us?

Imposters among US. REALLY?
AI Generated Imposters
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Been Fooled? How do you Catch a LIAR⁉️ With Michael Reddington, Forensic Interviewer.

🐍🤥 How To Catch a Liar – Listen Better – Learn More Learn how to catch a person in the Truth‼️ All while they are wallowing in their lies‼️ Check Out Michael Reddington book “The Disciplined Listening Method”

We asked a professional voice actor how to break into the business. With George Washington III.

We asked a professional voice actor how to break into the business. His answer was surprisingly not what we expected.

A young man faced with challenges, Becomes a Pop Star! With Arik Ancelin

A young man with a disability is accused of being a white supremacist.

Our area has a coyote problem. We asked an expert (Bill Crowder-Coyote Hunter)! What we should do about it.

Does your area have a coyote problem? Ours does & we asked an expert what we should do about it.

A man finds peace writing a wartime book based on his fathers experiences. With Steve Zaley.

This author spent 20 years writing his book about war so he could find peace.