Rap | Arik Ancelin | Diamond in the Rough

When it comes to discussing character, who better to dive into other than Arik Ancelin. The Florida native hit the ground running in 2020, carving a path for himself in the music world.


ALBUM REVIEW | EKLY – “Correct Me If I’m Wrong”

Kyle Spyhalsky – soon to be better known to the world as EKLY – is in no doubt about this. He recognizes the impact these artists have had on his own music and his own direction as an artist. On his debut full-length, Correct Me If I’m Wrong, these influences are all present and correct.



Justin Elliot is a musician in the truest sense of the word, living and breathing the discipline in a way that few can. With Honeystone, he and his bandmates produce the kind of beguiling rock and roll that taps into the very ethos of the genre, while his solo work displays the man’s inherent love of his craft and the mastery with which he sculpts, develops and creates music to fall in love with, and to.

Gospel HIP HOP

Gospel HIP HOP | DJ I Rock Jesus – Straight Ministry Heat

For listeners across the country, even across the world, Straight Ministry Heat is something special. The radio show – delivered in crystal clear digital form for the online age – brings the very best Christian hip-hop, gospel reggae, rhythm and praise, and urban gospel to a growing audience, giving these exciting artists a chance to shine and connect with new fans while giving the listeners themselves something new to fall in love with.


Coyote Joes: Rockin’ with Cooper

Here in North Carolina, we have a huge array of diversity in the music industry, from hip-hop to R&B, to Country, and the list goes on. Cooper Alan is no exception to this. From his humble roots, TikTok has witnessed Cooper grow from a small-town celebrity into a full-blown country music icon overnight! Taking a chance and posting his first video in early 2020 while the world was taking a break, fans quickly fell in love with his classic country sound.