Sliver Lining Artist Review Annaliese Pearl John Maddrey

Annaliese Pearl Feat. John Maddrey | “Silver Lining” | Song & Artist Review | #LocalMusicSomewhere #Charlotte

Annaliese Pearl has just released her beautiful new song “Silver Lining.” Featuring the guitar playing and vocal talents of John Maddrey, this three-minute track is a gorgeous piece of indie pop floating on gentle melodies and shimmering instrumentation. “Silver Lining” is about the small things in life and how they often make all the difference. Pearl’s vocals are sweet and

98385 rBeatz Benjah Purpose 08

Benjah | “Purpose” | Artist Review

In the dynamic realm of music, where creativity flows like a ceaseless river, a name emerges with the power to captivate hearts and minds — Benjamin “Benjah” Thom. With an extraordinary life story and an impressive musical journey, Benjah has carved his niche in the industry. Join us as we delve into the world of Benjah, exploring his life and his latest

The AMP Review

The AMP Ballantyne | A Vibrant Hub of Entertainment in Ballantyne, NC | #LocalMusicSomewhere

The AMP Ballantyne: A Vibrant Hub of Entertainment in Ballantyne, N.C.
In the heart of the Ballantyne community in North Carolina lies an extraordinary outdoor amphitheater The AMP Ballantyne. This sophisticated venue, the “New Soul of the Ballantyne Community,” has rapidly become a vibrant hub of entertainment and cultural activities. From live shows to fitness classes, festivals to markets, The

Black box Theater

BlackBox Theater Charlotte, N.C. |  Music Venues – Concerts – Charlotte N.C.

BlackBox Theater is a popular live music venue with an energetic and all-embracing vibe. Located in the northeast corner of Charlotte, North Carolina, this independent venue is all about good times and great music. Boasting live music from all genres and featuring a generous capacity of 1,500, BlackBox offers a fun night out in Queen City.

rBeatz Review 2023 KennyHoopla Touring Artist

KennyHoopla | Genre-bender Touring Worldwide | #LocalMusicSomewhere #Midwest #USA

KennyHoopla has a unique sound that merges emo-punk vibes with indie, new wave, and hip-hop. This talented genre-bender has been busy over recent years, releasing standalone hits, touring with pop-punk legends, and working with his good friend Travis Barker. Whether you love his songs or not, Kenny is one of the most relevant artists on the scene today. His tunes