Coyote Joes: Rockin’ with Cooper

Here in North Carolina, we have a huge array of diversity in the music industry, from hip-hop to R&B, to Country, and the list goes on. Cooper Alan is no exception to this. From his humble roots, TikTok has witnessed Cooper grow from a small-town celebrity into a full-blown country music icon overnight! Taking a chance and posting his first video in early 2020 while the world was taking a break, fans quickly fell in love with his classic country sound.


Cooper Alan / Thomas Mac / Alexandra Kay | Country

Country music is in great hands in 2022, thanks to a brand-new crop of stars in the making. Three of these fresh talents are already stars in their own right, causing a serious stir among fans of the genre, and hitting the road together for a smash tour. This winter, Cooper Alan, Thomas Mac, and Alexandra Kay are joining forces once again rounding up the back end of their action-packed tour. Super Fans have already seen these three very special artists driving audiences wild right across the U.S.


Caro B |  R’n’B  – “You Can Be My Boo”

What do you love the most about R’n’B? What is it that made you fall in love with the genre for the first time, and kept you coming back for more?
If you said sweet summer vibes, soulful melodies, and just the right dose of hip hop swagger, then get ready to fall in love all over again.
Introducing Caroline Benzon — better known as Caro B — a singer, songwriter, and performer who represents all the things that make this genre so special to millions across the globe.

RBTZTV Original

RBTZTV ORIGINAL – Michael Chambliss – Elvis Tribute Artist

Elvis Week Finalist Michael Chambliss – A Spine-Tingling Tribute to an All-Time Legend.
Mention Liverpool’s music scene and there’s a good chance the conversation will quickly turn to The Beatles. Minnesota? Prince and Bob Dylan are probably not far away. New Jersey? Springsteen is likely to come up. But Memphis, Tennessee?…


Juli Chan | POP – It’s Not a Crime 

A dimly lit interior. A lush rising of orchestral strings. A man enters, sharply dressed, but agitated, anxious. He’s looking for something, but what? Then a phone rings.