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rBeatz Newsletter | October 2023

We are excited to bring you the latest newsletter and updates from the music world Today! This newsletter has several topics that are Reachable goals for you to EAT OFF YOUR ART!

Make Money as a musician Today! Here are a couple of remarkable ways. Go to any Local Music Studio and offer your Talent for an hourly fee. Most studios have a set fee for different talents and levels of Talent. Just ask to be confident in your worth!


rBeatz Newsletter | June 2023

What is ASCAP, and why should you care?
ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers) is a performing rights organization representing over 800,000 music creators. This global organization helps members across the world to showcase their creative works and take advantage of exciting new opportunities. ASCAP hosts lots of great events throughout the year — helping members to showcase their talents and
make valuable connections with music publishers, record labels, music supervisors, and other industry professionals.


rBeatz Newsletter | May 2023

Dear valued subscribers to rBeatz, LLC, We appreciate your loyalty to our boutique music streaming service and are excited to launch our newsletter. Our goal is to bring you helpful,

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