Ellie Morgan | Music: Cover Artist

Ellie Morgan | Music - Cover Artist
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Ellie Morgan Music: Cover Artist

Charlotte, North Carolina, is renowned for its vibrant music scene, boasting diverse local talent. Among the rising stars is Ellie Morgan, a captivating artist known for her soulful renditions of Taylor Swift’s hits and heartfelt original compositions. With a voice that resonates with emotion and a stage presence that captivates audiences, Ellie Morgan has quickly become a beloved figure in the Charlotte music scene.

Ellie’s musical roots trace back to her childhood, where she found solace in singing in choirs and surrounded by her father’s guitar melodies. Early on, she discovered her knack for performing, taking center stage with solos in elementary school choirs. At age 10, Ellie embarked on a journey to master the guitar, a decision that would shape her musical identity in the future.

Inspired by renowned artists such as Taylor Swift, Adele, and Colbie Caillat, Ellie Morgan’s sound is a delightful fusion of acoustic melodies and soulful pop. Her music resonates with a broad audience, drawing in fans who appreciate the authenticity and emotion she infuses into her performances.

One of the remarkable aspects of Ellie’s musical career is her commitment to the local scene. With a tireless schedule, she graces the stage four to five times a week, captivating audiences across Charlotte in restaurants, breweries, and concert venues. Her versatility as a performer is evident in her ability to adapt to different settings, creating an immersive experience for her listeners.

Beyond her regular performances, Ellie Morgan extends her musical talents to various special events. From weddings to parties and other occasions, her enchanting voice adds a touch of magic to every celebration. However, Ellie goes beyond the spotlight, showcasing her altruistic side by volunteering monthly at Levine Children’s Hospital at Carolinas Medical Center. Her music becomes a source of comfort and joy for patients and their families, underlining the transformative power of art.

A Symphony of Originality

In December 2017, Ellie’s musical odyssey reached a significant milestone with the release of her debut album, “Places I Hide.” A testament to her artistry, the album showcased Ellie’s songwriting prowess and her ability to craft poignant narratives woven with melody. The album’s title track, “Places I Hide,” invites listeners into a world of introspection, while tracks like “Just a Dream” and “Heartbeat” tug at the heartstrings with their emotive lyrics and soulful delivery.

The album is not only available for purchase at Ellie’s live performances but also accessible on various digital platforms, including iTunes, Spotify, and Apple Music, ensuring her music reaches a broader audience beyond Charlotte.

One standout among Ellie’s compositions is “Daddy’s Arms,” a heartfelt tribute to her father. Though not featured on her debut album, this song holds a special place in Ellie’s repertoire, embodying the deep bond between a father and daughter through its tender lyrics and stirring melody.

Upcoming Performances: Where to Catch Ellie Live

Ellie kicked off February with a performance at Reid’s Fine Foods in South Park on Friday, February 2, Morgan set the stage for a month filled with soulful tunes. Then On Sunday, February 4, she took her melodies to The Peoples Market, spreading musical joy in the heart of Charlotte.

Swifty Nights promises an evening of Taylor Swift-inspired tunes. Ellie’s diversity shines as she hosts a Taylor Swift-themed Swiftie Party’s. Be sure to check Morgan’s upcoming performances, For more on the Trend Setting Swifty Parties.

The month continues with performances at Overflow LKN on February 14, Reid’s Fine Foods on February 22, and The Artisan’s Palate on February 25, offering music enthusiasts a chance to experience Ellie’s acoustic magic.

As March arrives, Ellie continues to grace Charlotte with her music. Ballantyne Country Club hosts her on March 1, followed by an evening at Reid’s Fine Foods on March 2. On March 9, catch Ellie at Goldie’s, setting the stage for a month filled with musical delights.

Reid’s Fine Foods, Goldie’s, and The Artisan’s Palate welcome Ellie throughout March, creating a musical tapestry that enriches the cultural fabric of Charlotte. On March 21, she ventures to Hickory, NC, to perform at Fourk Restaurant, bringing her unique blend of acoustic soulful pop to a new audience.

April heralds the arrival of spring, and Ellie’s music continues to bloom across the city. From private parties in Mint Hill to public performances at Rosie’s Coffee & Garden, Char Bar 7, and Divine Barrel’s Arbor Day Festival, Ellie’s calendar is a testament to her dedication to sharing her talent with the community.

Inizio Pizza in Dilworth, Midwood Maynia at Midwood Park, and Firethorne Country Club are just a few venues where Ellie’s melodies will resonate in May. As the month unfolds, she takes the stage at Harris Teeter Wine Bar, Juneberry Ridge Festival in Norwood, and Ballantyne Country Club, creating a harmonious blend of acoustic pop that echoes throughout Charlotte.

Ellie Morgan — a Musical Journey Through Charlotte

Ellie Morgan’s music transcends boundaries, weaving tales of love, longing, and life’s experiences. Her passion for music remains unwavering as she continues to enchant audiences across Charlotte and beyond. Whether covering Taylor Swift’s chart-toppers or serenading listeners with her original compositions, Ellie Morgan’s music resonates deeply, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all who listen.

Catch Ellie live at one of her upcoming performances, and immerse yourself in the soulful melodies of Charlotte’s very own Taylor Swift cover artist.

Check out Ellie performing live on RBTZTV here.

Where to find Ellie Morgan

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