PREMIER: Music Video: Captain Squeegee – Our Children

Captain Squeegee - Our Children

Our Children is the first single and video off of Captain Squeegee’s upcoming record Harmony Cure and it represents the first of quite a few firsts the new record is going to represent for the Phoenix-based atomic jazz fusion outfit. Harmony Cure, which is a lyric from Our Children will be Captain Squeegee’s first vinyl release, the first time the band will release a signature beer to go with a record, and the video will be their first that doesn’t tell a story.

“Our previous videos always told a narrative story and had a plot, kind of a guided journey, and I wanted this one to be a sensory overload, ‘what the f*ck kind of video.’ I wanted this video to make a lot less sense than other videos ” said Captain Squeegee lead singer Danny Torgersen.

This is Squeegees first collaboration with Yellow Box Films and their visual mastermind Cory Davis, and judging by the quality of the finished product they picked the right project to bring to the highly sought after filmmaker.

“Cory (Davis) and (Captain) Squeegee was a  perfect match. I came to him with a long list of crazy and unusual things that I have envisioned in my dreams and in psychedelic visions and I thought it was time to bring it all together with this bizarre video and that’s how it went down.” said the eccentric Torgersen.

Davis, however, wasn’t the only person forced to get up close and personal with strange inner workings of the mind of Danny Torgersen and his Squeegeean acolytes.To make a video as high concept and high production as Our Children it’s necessary to work with a wide range of experts, artists, and expert artists.  

Besides Davis Captain Squeegee also reached out to Kandice Barreda to take care of special effects for the video, Brandon McGill provided the body paint for all of the alien backup dancers, and they even had to reach out to the Arizona Delorean Club to provide for the sweet ride that Torgersen dances in front of with his alien harem.

“Kandice had us making slime in all these different colors for over a month. We also spent a lot of time ordering strange objects like giant lava lamps and we built some pyramids. But the hardest part by far was hunting down a Delorean, we must have been searching for one for a month until finally, the Arizona Delorean club came through,” said Torgersen.

This is also the first Captain Squeegee video that required children for the concept.  

“We had to find a bunch of kids to be in the video. Cory Davis had the idea to use kids because the song is about passing on the world to the next generation and it raises the question can we save it before that or hope that they just save the world? Or is it just not going to get saved as it exists right now,” said Torgersen.

The official Harmony Cure CD release party is going down Dec. 7 at Phoenix’s Crescent Ballroom featuring The Stakes, Instructions, and Twin Ponies. The digital release will be shortly before that, and the pre-order campaign for the vinyl starts RIGHT NOW at CaptainSqueegee.com along with limited exclusive Captain Squeegee Harmony Cure merch.


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