Strange Majik | Music Review | Recently Released Single “NYC Animal” | #LocalMusicSomewhere #NYC #CostaRica

Strange Majik | Music Review | Recently Released Single "NYC Animal" | #LocalMusicSomewhere #NYC #CostaRica
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Who Is Strange Majik?

Strange Majik is none other than songwriter and producer, and now singer David Pattillo. The artist first gained traction on the music scene by writing and producing songs for Motown/Universal. He has worked with some amazing producers, including The Berman Brothers and Linda Perry, and has published over 100 songs to date.

David has co-written music with Nashville’s music row coterie and he was nominated for an Emmy for the co-production of Live At The Artists Den, a series aired on PBS. He has worked with The Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, The Black Crowes, Robert Plant and many other artists.

In 2015, he took to performing and created his own band — Strange Majik. The band’s music has an alternative bluesy feel, with a bit of rock and roll soul, which brings you back to the 1970s. The vibe brings a smile to your face, and lifts your spirits, no matter what mood you’re in!

The band has featured in Shindig Magazine UK, The Deli Magazine, and Record Collector Magazine, and their songs have been licensed for use by TV shows, films, and sports brands. They have shared the stage with The Wallflowers, DADDY LONG LEGS, The Mystery Lights, Revel in Dimes, and Hollis Brown.

David has collaborated with other artists throughout his career, including the single “Ball of Confusion” which featured Ed Kowalczyk. To date Strange Majik has released four albums and numerous singles for their audience. The first album, Lights On, was released in 2015, with a second album following in 2018, titled Channel T. The most recent album was released in 2020, Ball of Confusion.

The Deli Magazine shared this, “David Pattillo is something of a blues rock cult hero in New York City, but you could likely tell that from looking at him.”

And they are spot on. David’s energy and raw talent are brought to life with his authentic performances and keen sense of music production. Whether the band is playing the blues, psychedelic rock, or a funk combination, somebody is listening.

Music Review: Recently Released Single NYC Animal

Strange Majik’s “NYC Animal” is a fantastic blend of garage rock and the blues. There’s a hint of grunge that’s toned down slightly by the guitar that holds back in the first part of the song, letting David’s vocals steal the show. As the guitar opens up, it’s sassy, and funky, and brings full force the alternative rock side of the band.

The song makes it really hard to sit still as you listen to the guitar rifts and follow the drum beat. This is a complete throwback to the days of indie sleaze rock and roll, and it’s fantastic. You can feel the influence of Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, and Iggy Pop in the song, with the grunge feel, the concise and pithy monologue, and the hints of soul.

Rick Koster, of Connecticut’s Daily The Day, says, “Expect Strange Majik to put a spell on you.” And that’s exactly what he does with this song. You can’t help but go back and listen a second (or third) time. This iconic songwriter has been honing his craft for years, and this is the hit that will enchant us all.

It is a well thought move for Strange Majik to leave the feel of the blues and step out in faith to the grunge

world. It doesn’t work for everyone to jump genres, but this mastermind made the leap. And it worked.

The single just came out, and I can’t wait to see what else the rest of the album has on it when it’s released on March 24th.

Where to find Strange Majik

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