20 Best New Country Songs – Top 2024

20 Best New Country Songs - Top 2024 by rBeatz Editors Pick 0524

Best New Country Songs

Our carefully curated list features the hits of country songs in 2024. Discover captivating melodies, evocative lyrics, and diverse talents. We can all agree that country music is one of the best genres there is. And in 2024, our cowboys and girls didn’t let us down. Below is a curated list of some of the best new country songs.


Country's Cool Again by Lainey Wilson

If you thought country songs were going out of style, you were wrong. Lainey Wilson is here to remind us that country’s the new black, and we’re all about it. So, buckle up, grab a cold one, and join the masses — because “Country’s Cool Again!”


Darlin by Chase Matthew

“Darlin” weaves a tangled web of lies and suspicions as Chase Matthew questions his lover’s involvement with another guy. Fueled by unanswered questions and rumors, the artist is determined to know why the friend calls her Darlin.


Wranglers by Miranda Lambert

“Wranglers” is for anyone who has ever loved with their all but loved the wrong person. In this track, Miranda Lambert tells the story of a woman pushed to the wall and tired of her man’s lack of commitment. She is done for good this time, and as she leaves, she sets their love ablaze. Want to see her energy live?


Where That Came From by Randy Travis

You know that phrase, “You only know how much you love them when you lose them?” Randy Travis conveys this beautifully in his country song, “Where That Came From.” He confesses his arrogance, thinking he’ll always find someone else. But he quickly realizes that she is one-of-a-kind, a love he won’t get elsewhere.


God & Country by Anne Wilson

“God & Country” is a soul-stirring track celebrating the fusion of faith, tradition, and heartland pride. Anne Wilson recalls her upbringing—filled with her family’s wisdom, the scripture’s solace, and the grit of rural roots. “God & Country” is not just nostalgia but a declaration of identity, a blend of red, white, and blue with a dash of old-school charm.


Strong Stuff by Carter Faith

Can you love too much that it burns? Carter Faith has an answer to this with her new country song, “Strong Stuff.” She talks of a love so intense, like the burn of aged bourbon. Dark, mysterious, and dangerous but too electrifying to back down. Like fine whiskey, this track is meant to be savored, not watered down. So, raise a glass and raise some hell because she only deals with the “Strong Stuff.”


Made For by Will Dempsey

They say opposites attract, and Will Dempsey just proved it right with his latest release, “Made For.” Dempsey talks of two mismatched souls perfectly intertwined. He’s an early riser, she’s a snooze warrior. He is the saver, she is the spender. Despite all these differences, he wouldn’t want it any other way. “Made For” is proof that sometimes the heart knows what the brain can’t comprehend and leads us to who we’re meant to be with.


Change the Game by Cody Jinks

“Change the Game” is a gritty anthem for all the rebels and dreamers who refuse to conform. Cody Jinks recalls his journey through the ups and downs of pursuing greatness and wears his scars as badges of honor. He celebrates his milestones and proves the ones who doubted him wrong.


Rootin' for You by Emily Nenni

“Rootin’ for You” by Emily Nenni is country’s version of “You should know you’re beautiful just the way you are.” She reminds us to embrace our flaws and that we’re worthy, regardless of societal standards. So, the next time you’re feeling down or doubting yourself, remember Emily’s “Rootin’ for You!”


Texas Hold 'Em by Beyoncé

In this song, Beyonce invites us to lay our cards down, park our worries, and jump onto the dance floor. With each verse, she urges us to throw caution to the wind and keep the vibe alive with red cup kisses and rugged whiskey. So, lace up your boots, pour some liquor, and take it to the dance floor because, in Beyonce’s world, it’s always a full house!


Break Mine by Brothers Osborne

Brothers Osborne invites us to surrender to desire and take a chance at love, even if it’s just for the night. “Break Mine” is a declaration of vulnerability, of wearing your heart on your sleeve and offering love up. A twisted song, but one with a clear message nonetheless: sometimes breaking hearts can lead to unexpected depths of intimacy.


Best Friend for Life by Grace Leer

Having a best friend makes life a little better and worth living, doesn’t it? “Best Friend for Life” by Grace Leer is the one song that will have you tearing up. This country song is a heartwarming ode to the bonds of friendships and the joy of finding true love. Grace reminisces about shared secrets, teenage dreams, and the journey to finding the “one.”


What He'll Never Have by Dylan Scott

Love is the theme in “What He’ll Never Have,” backed by heart-tugging melodies. Dylan Scott pledges eternal devotion, promising his partner the world while acknowledging the possibility of parting ways. He echoes the depth of his commitment, promising that even in his absence, his love will endure.


Kiss My Boots by Brian Kelley

Brian Kelley is mad, and when he’s angry, best believe some bars will be spit. “Kiss My Boots” is a country truth serum, an anthem for those who have been wronged and aren’t afraid to raise hell about it. Kelly lets out the frustration of being talked about behind his back. But instead of sulking, he cranks up Hank and knocks out Jack, ready to air out the past.


Bright Side of Blue by Abby Anderson

Abby Anderson reminds us that life doesn’t end after a breakup. In fact, it gets better. She captures the reality of letting go as she sings about breaking free from a toxic relationship and embracing the bright side of life.


Dirt Cheap by Cody Johnson

“Dirt Cheap” depicts a farmer declining cash offers and cherishing the memories etched in his land. From his daughter playing on the swing to his partner saying yes, each verse unfolds a story of love. To Cody Johnson, it’s more than soil; it’s a foundation of a life well-lived.


Holy Smokes by Bailey Zimmerman

Bailey Zimmerman’s “Holy Smokes” is a song of passion and defiance, where the allure of forbidden love is as intoxicating as the smoke from cigarettes. The song is a mix of youthful defiance and tender affection, with lyrics dancing between the sacred and the profane.


No Caller ID by Megan Moroney

You know when you’re just starting to find peace and healing from your last breakup, and boom, your ex calls? That’s what Megan Moroney’s talking about in “No Caller ID.” She’s almost moving on, having even enrolled in therapy, when her phone rings. The memories come flooding back; she’s itching to answer to know what he has to say. But this time, she doesn’t. She is resolute about breaking the toxic cycle and lets the call fade into silence.


What She Sees in Me by Chris Young

From childhood friends to lovers, is there a more beautiful love story? Chris Young is one lucky guy, and he deserves it. Completely smitten, he praises his lover, being awestruck by everything she does. Despite feeling unworthy, Chris is grateful for the enduring grace she extends to him.


Indifferent by MEGAN MORONEY

Here, Megan Moroney talks about the journey from over-caring to not giving a single care. Who needs attention from someone who’s more trouble than they’re worth? “Indifferent” is the sweetest liberation note you didn’t know you needed but can’t get enough of.

Country music is one of those genres that will never go out of style. Country songs capture the human experience in all its glory, from the highs of love to the lows of heartache. So, lace up your boots and let the music take you through life’s complexities.

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