Abby K | Bassist Musician | Being a Female Bass Musician

Abby K | Bassist Musician | Being a Female Bass Musician
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Abby K | Bassist Musician | Being a Female Bass Musician

Bassists get less attention than singers, guitarists, or horn players. While a bassist doesn’t get the flashiest attention in a song, they lay the foundation and drive that endless loop you enjoy long after the music stops. A great bassist can transform a band with a bass line that sounds like it could keep playing forever.

Bassists tend to be overlooked, yet a band can hardly go without the fundamental contributions an excellent bass line delivers. That’s perhaps among the reasons many bassists are females since they can easily attract attention in a crowd. Please don’t mistake it, though; females do not have an easy time taking up the bassists’ roles.

Bass may be relatively easier to learn than the guitar, especially with the support that makes it less taxing. Nonetheless, mastering the instrument takes time, commitment, and passion, a combination Abby K showcases in her flourishing works. While the spotlight doesn’t shine much on the bassists, they must deliver the best for a song to pick up, keep going, and, when it is over, leave that memorable loop in the audience’s ears and mind.

Who is Abby?

Abby is a vocalist, songwriter, and bassist. The young Charlotte, North Carolina, female star has had the pleasure of working alongside prominent stars during her tours. She has opened for dignitaries, including Nita Strauss, Danny Worsnop, and The Iron Maidens, to name a few.

Abby’s musical prowess is apparent in her debut single,

“It Should Have Been Me,” and her second single, “Dirty Love.”
Her work has garnered significant engagement, including high viewership on major streaming sites like YouTube and Spotify.

Abby’s musical journey started in her teenage years (13 years). Like many teenagers,
Gene Simmons’ performance at a KISS Concert lit a fire in her. Unlike many, though, it wasn’t a short-lived spark.
Her musical drive grew stronger, having been exposed to the scenery by her dad from a tender age.
Abby continued working on her music, and a few months in, the journey got more interesting.
She was one of three bassists selected to attend GRAMMY Camp in Los Angeles, CA, which propelled her to the next level.

Abby’s primary instrument is bass, but she also played guitar before switching to bass.
She played in a few bands in and throughout middle and high school but is now focused on her band.
She formed Abby K., a band operating independently and on a hired gun system.
Abby’s bass prowess is not purely self-taught. She has taken bass lessons during her audition.

What are Abby’s Top Influences?

Abby’s top influence was Gene Simmons, but as her musical journey advances, she’s found more inspiration from bass players.
She appreciates iconic bassists like Geddy Lee (Rush) and Steve Harris (Iron Maiden).
Abby has had to be flexible and adapt to the ever-evolving rock n’ roll scenery.
While still early in her young music career, she acknowledges many female bassists’ struggles.

At a young age, she faced struggles like skepticism due to her age and gender.
Many assume she can’t rock the bass since she is relatively young and female,
a challenge she has toppled and continues inspiring young girls to pursue their dreams.

Besides more tours and writing songs for other artists, Abby plans to drop exciting music, especially alongside other artists worldwide.
Being a female bassist is no easy feat despite being seemingly easier to play than guitar.
While it may seem so, female bassists are not the eye candy; their prowess does more than keep the audience glued.
The bassist is the main link between the melodic and rhythmical aspects that make music musical; without them, a band would be lost.

Where to find Abby

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