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Abby K | Bassist Musician | Being a Female Bass Musician

Bassists get less attention than singers, guitarists, or horn players. While a bassist doesn’t get the flashiest attention in a song, they lay the foundation and drive that endless loop you enjoy long after the music stops. A great bassist can transform a band with a bass line that sounds like it could keep playing forever.


Chef Gillian | Your Cultured Chef

Chef Gillian is a culinary artist and cultured chef. Her passion is “to create a tantalizing taste experience for her clients.” She knew at a young age that creating art from food was something she was destined to do. Gillian spent extensive time studying the culinary arts at Johnson & Wales University. In her freshman year, as a student chef, she entered a competition sponsored by S&D Coffee and Tea. The competition was for the top students at the university and allowed these students the creativity to create something amazing that incorporated coffee and tea into the dish. Her ice cream won first prize.


Judah and the Lion | Band & Song Review | #LocalMusicSomewhere #Touring

Judah & the Lion is a two-man band from Nashville, TN. The two members are Judah Akers on vocals and guitar and Brian Macdonald on mandolin and vocals. The duo was formed in 2011 and plays a unique blend of folk, hip-hop, rock, and bluegrass music. They met at Belmont University in Nashville, TN, and formed the band with a third member, who exited the band in 2021. The band names themselves after the Lion of the tribe of Judah, inspired by their Christian faith.


Tosco Music | Venue & More #LocalMusicSomewhere #Charlotte

For over 30 years, the Tosco Music organization has supported artists while bringing live music to Charlotte. This non-profit is a favorite of locals, particularly for its Tosco Music Parties. What were once intimate living room jam sessions have evolved into community concerts that feature nationally recognized and up-and-coming musicians alike.


Visulite Theater | #LocalMusicSomewhere #Charlotte

Visulite Theater in Charlotte is the heart and soul of the local community. As one of the city’s premier live music venues, it continues to impress loyal patrons and excite new audiences from across North Carolina. Big-name talents and upcoming superstars perform all colors of the musical rainbow at Visulite Theater, which makes it an absolute must-do destination.


Steff Da Campo & KDH | Music Review — “Kanpai”

Steff Da Campo is a producer and DJ hailing from the Netherlands. He has made a name for himself with groovy house music with a focus on bringing vocals to life. He started gaining a following in 2016, and in 2018, he broke out. He was the second highest on the Top 101 Producers List from

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