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Deshaun James — Artist Story and Recent Songs

Deshaun James is a recording artist and songwriter from Greenville, South Carolina. His multi-genre music covers lots of sonic territory, from hip hop and R&B to pop and beyond. As a restless creative spirit, James is endlessly perfecting his signature vocals and unique production style. James has released lots of fantastic music over recent years, including “One on One,” “Going Away,” “Seeing Double,” and “Wednesday.” His debut album Deshaun James Goes Pop was just released, and it’s already making a huge impression.

Deshaun James has been featured in lots of media, including The Source, GEN Z HIPHOP, CMVA 107.5, Mouthin Out Podcast, HTG Podcast, and more. With lots of great music already released and a growing appetite for new sounds, we can expect his profile to soar in the coming years.

The Deshaun James story

Deshaun James is a young man with an inspiring story. After facing early challenges in life, he found inner strength and discovered a passion for music of all kinds. Deshaun was placed into foster care aged just 9, and he remained in this environment until he was 18. During this time, around the age of 13, James fell into an expansive sound world and discovered a deep love of music.

In 2017, Deshaun James made a brave choice that would define the rest of his life. After years of listening to music, playing music, and learning from others, he decided to become a professional recording artist. Deshaun started his career by releasing the hip hop single “Royalty,” which made lots of people sit up and pay attention. This release marked the start of a new era for Deshaun, and he was more than ready.

James emerged into the world of professional music with strength and style, thinking outside the box by embracing a wide range of influences. As a versatile artist with a hunger for new sounds, he learned to go beyond his comfort zone when singing and also in the studio. This attitude led to his first pop single “Liar,” which was an exciting twist in direction for the Deshaun James sound. As his following grew and his confidence flourished, James has become a better recording artist and a top-notch performer.

Deshaun’s most popular songs

Deshaun James has released lots of fantastic music in recent years, from the effortless flow of “One on One” to the pop inflections of “Going Away” and the relentless energy of “Seeing Double.” The following songs are among his best:

One on One

This track is Deshaun’s most popular, with tens of thousands of plays on the Spotify streaming service. “One on One” features a gentle, laid-back hip hop rhythm that flows naturally. Deshaun speaks of love, relationships, and “things I don’t do” for that special someone. Delivered with an effortless almost lazy flow, this track rolls forward and takes you along for the ride. 

Going Away

“Going Away” features a delicate balancing act for Deshaun, with an insistent rap delivery falling away in a moment of reflection. Strong and assured during the verses, James lays it all on the line in the chorus saying “I don’t even know why you care” and “you breaking me down.” With sleepy beats and gentle pop inflections, this track is an honest portrayal of young love leaving town.

Seeing Double

This track represents a pure rap number for Deshaun, with a rolling hi-hat pattern setting the backdrop for heavier beats and an almost old-school flow. “Seeing Double” highlights strength through confidence, with James offering a relentless and unwavering message that shows off his journey as an artist.


By Deshaun’s genre-busting standards, “Wednesday” is a pure pop number. This song is about first impressions, beautiful ladies, and that feeling you get when you’re crushing on someone hard. The vocal delays on this track give it a gentle summer vibe, with Deshaun’s voice slowed down and harmonizing itself to great effect.

We can expect to see more of Deshaun over the coming months as he releases new singles and promotes his album Deshaun James Goes Pop. Along with great recordings, James is known for delivering high-energy vocal performances in a concert setting. Check out the Deshaun James website for all the latest information.


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Where to find Deshaun James

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