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WHO IS George Washington III

On today’s show, we’re going to dispel some myths about being a professional voice actor. Things you thought were true that turned out to be false or things you knew were false that turned out to be true. We’re going to speak with a man who knows a thing or two about all of that. He’s one of America’s leading professional voiceover actors, and he’s pretty modest, too.

George Washington III, that’s his name. As I said, he’s one of America’s top voice artists. And it is the voice of Jon Stewart and the Green Lantern. And he just did an NFL highlight track for NBC. He’s done some grocery store commercials, even did a Mountain Dew commercial recently with Cardi B. And his voice, he tells me, it’s actually not his secret sauce.

It’s not what makes him successful, he says. In fact, he says, it’s not what makes any voiceover artist successful, at least not exclusively. So what is?

Podcast with George Washington III

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