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Gabrielle Ruiz | Twinkle Twinkle | RBTZTV Originals

Gabrielle Ruiz is best known as a Broadway star and TV actress. She is also a dancer and singer. The triple threat hails from Edinburg, Texas, where she developed her dance talents from a young age. As a child, she took dance lessons and vocal lessons. As she grew up, she attended a number of schools to develop her multiple talents.

RBTZTV Original

RBTZTV Original | Highlighting Matthew Griswold

Minnesota Native Matthew Griswold is an American folk-rock singer, who is based out of the Twin Cities. His poetic lyrics and bluesy robust voice lead’s listeners on a journey to self-expression. Matthew, an army corporal, had lived through some unimaginable things in the Iraqi war. He was on the front lines in the battle of Ramadi; this story is how a lost soldier found his voice- his voice that healed him from his past.

RBTZTV Original

George Washington III | RBTZTV ORIGINAL

On today’s show, we’re going to dispel some myths about being a professional voice actor. Things you thought were true that turned out to be false or things you knew were false that turned out to be true. We’re going to speak with a man who knows a thing or two about all of that. He’s one of America’s leading professional voiceover actors, and he’s pretty modest, too.

RBTZTV Original

RBTZTV ORIGINAL – Michael Chambliss – Elvis Tribute Artist

Elvis Week Finalist Michael Chambliss – A Spine-Tingling Tribute to an All-Time Legend.
Mention Liverpool’s music scene and there’s a good chance the conversation will quickly turn to The Beatles. Minnesota? Prince and Bob Dylan are probably not far away. New Jersey? Springsteen is likely to come up. But Memphis, Tennessee?…

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