HIP HOP| Album Review | Praying with Dirty Hands by VRN HAYES X POLY ROB

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Praying with Dirty Hands by VRN HAYES X POLY ROB

Running across  VR=Vernon x Poly Rob was a true gift.  A “real life” concept album that utilizes life teachings coupled with the word of God.  Created around intro’s to bridge the poetic justice sound of Hip Hop with a side of SlapHappy Beatz.

As you listen to Praying with Dirty Hands you feel the vinyl treading over you from the real side of life. We couldn’t help but listened to the whole album a few times over as we rode through this musical Expedition. 

 VR=Vernon x Poly Rob’s music spoke to us along with White Mike the man of God who brings the Interludes to life on this masterpiece. 

Praying with dirty hands has lyrical value and sustainable verses with freestyle poetry.

Check out a few of the many songs that stood out to us.

No Worries

Flows to the concept of the album as a real Mood to Moment relatable bass bumping banger featuring the Versus from The Good Word.  The chorus’s speak to the real world. The how and why of “Real Life Happening” situations that many are working inside of,  through and the freak out of. 

Harsh Reality

Has a stretched Cynthy style beat that dances with a lyrical Licious melody of harsh reality spitting what is happening today. 

 Moving into the Interlude 


This  is served up by who else but White Mike. This pastor is speaking literally on calling out WALMART  “HEY”.   Yes, you read this right. Walmart….. 

On the cause and effect that their advertising that commands the population subliminally. 

On This side 

Features pure kicks and cymbal strikes dancing to the lifestyle lyrics that represent the World we live in today.  On the side Speaks to finding that way, that path, that something special, that moves you. 

 VR=Vernon x Poly Rob feature Gambino on this Album. Together they spit lyrical rain upon you.

Vernon’s message throughout is looking deep within to spark that single change in each person. While featuring break out beats in order to spark your own catchy wave through his groovy tunes as a guide, a gift, a blessing.  

Praying with dirty hands DEF impresses upon your mind and makes you crave more of Vernon’s well thought out and cleverly created versus.

To sum it up praying with dirty hands is an outlook into not selling yourself short and understanding what is important in your life and why  VR=Vernon x Poly Rob are the real deal hip-hop with a story to profess 

Check it out now‼️ Thank you for sharing


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