James Dessey Interview | Sweet Leaf Band NC | #LocalMusicSomewhere

James Dessey Interview | Sweet Leaf Band NC | #LocalMusicSomewhere
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James Dessey: A Musical Odyssey

James Dessey’s musical journey began in New York, where he developed a deep passion for singing at an early age. James primarily works as a vocalist for Sweet Leaf. His commitment to the art of vocal performance led him to major in vocals during his college years, undergoing two years of rigorous vocal training to refine his skills and knowledge.

Versatile Performer Across Genres

From 2007 to 2010, James collaborated with multiple bands, taking his vocal talents up and down the East Coast. These years were pivotal in shaping him into the seasoned vocalist he is today, allowing him to connect with diverse audiences and fine-tune his stage presence. Later, he established his online presence under the screen name “James Dessey” when he became a member of an online music platform in November 2015. Today, James defines himself as “Touring,” signifying his dedication to taking his music on the road, performing for audiences far and wide. In his 15 years of playing music, James has accumulated an impressive number of gigs—between 50 and 100. This extensive performance experience has allowed him to fine-tune his craft and connect with countless music enthusiasts. James is also currently readily available, offering his talents for 2-3 nights a week, primarily during the evenings.

Sweet Leaf

One standout chapter in James’s musical journey is his recent involvement with a local heavy metal band in North Carolina called Sweet Leaf. The heavy metal scene demands a unique vocal range and intensity, and James embraced this with fervor. The band performs from time to time in various locations. They get invited to weddings, New Year events, and homecoming ceremonies. Sweet Leaf also organizes its own musical events where they launch new albums. Members of the band hope to expand their operations out of North Carolina. James helps with live sound engineering, having worked as a freelance Live Sound Engineer from July 2018 to September 2020 in Charlotte, North Carolina. In this capacity, he operates soundboards for live events and handles stage design and setup. He also performs studio recording engineering tasks, including recording, mixing, and mastering.

Flexible Availability for Gigs

Beyond his musical career, James has ventured into various professional roles. At Sam Ash Music from October 2017 to June 2018, he excelled in commission-based pro audio and musical instrument sales. Here, he showcased his ability to connect with customers and provide them with the right musical equipment. James also worked At Guitar Center from October 2015 to September 2016. He managed the lessons facility, overseeing a roster of over 200 students and 12 instructors. This demonstrates his leadership skills and commitment to nurturing the musical talents of others.

A Multifaceted Talent with a Bright Future

James Dessey is not just a vocalist with over 15 years of experience; he is a multifaceted individual who has left his mark in various fields. His collaboration with Sweet Leaf is a testament to his dedication and adaptability, as he has navigated different genres, embraced new challenges, and performed extensively. James Dessey is a true artist and professional with a bright and promising future in music and beyond.

Where to find James Dessey

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