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J’calm — a young artist from Kingston, Jamaica — has quickly made a name for himself in the reggae and dancehall scene. Born on May 4, 2005, J’calm represents a new generation of Jamaican artists who are modernizing reggae sounds while staying true to their roots.

His songs often explore love, escapism, and desire. Below, we review four of his songs: “Call My Name,” “Roleplay,” “Sweet Love,” and “Easy.”

Call My Name

J'calm Call My Name Music Review rbeatz.com 0624.jpg“Call My Name” is an evocative track that shows J’calm’s ability to fuse sensuality and rhythm. The lyrics revolve around desire, intimacy, and mutual attraction. The repetition of “call my name” throughout the track is a hypnotic mantra that draws listeners into a world of passion and connection.

The song is both seductive and poetic. Lines like “Ocean wave don’t move like that / Love your waist when it moves like that” paint vivid pictures and add a visual element to the auditory experience.

“Call My Name” also hints at wanting more commitment from lines like “You want me exclusively.” It adds more depth to the song by showing the desire for a deeper connection beyond the physical.

The track features a smooth reggae beat blended with R&B elements. With a steady and catchy beat, it is perfect for both casual listening and dance floors. J’calm’s vocal delivery is confident and sultry, which complements the song’s seductive lyrics.


J'calm Roleplay Music Review rbeatz.com 0624In “Roleplay,” J’calm explores the complexities of escapism and desire. The track starts with a promise: “Gonna make tonight the best you’ve seen / Take you to a place you’ve never been.” J’calm sets the stage for a night of adventure and indulgence with his opening notes. However, as the song progresses, it becomes evident that there’s a deeper and sad story in play.

“Roleplay” tells the story of a woman using the dance floor as a means to ease her pain and find temporary solace. The lyrics “Broken soul in her cage / To the dance floor to ease her pain” portray a pitiful image of someone trying to flee from their emotional burdens. Despite her attempts to use parties and alcohol to drown her sorrows, “nothing change” as she continues to feel empty.

The repetition of “all she do is drink and pop champagne” shows the cycle of escapism and how it all ends up in vain. J’calm’s lyrics are empathetic and raw. He acknowledges the temporary relief that alcohol indulgence brings and the sadness beneath the facade.

The chorus “Rotate that waist on my body / Foreplay all day with my body” shifts to a more playful mood. It shows the physical connection between the characters. The repetition of “Whoa, I don’t really know your name / But oh my days, bring it come my way” reveals the fleeting nature of these encounters, where names and identities are secondary to the momentary connection.

“Roleplay” is a thought-provoking track that shows the complexities of modern relationships and how people cope with their struggles. J’calm uses the song to encourage his listeners to look beyond the surface and consider the deep emotions involved.

Sweet Love

J'calm Sweet Love Music Review rbeatz.com 0624“Sweet Love” is a ballad that beautifully shows the essence of romantic affection and devotion. The song features J’calm singing to his lover, promising to provide the love and attention they desire. With lyrics like “If it’s love you’re looking for, then, baby, imma give it to you / Baby, I’m for you,” the track sets a tender and intimate tone.

The lyrics of “Sweet Love” are simple yet deeply emotive. They convey a sense of longing and commitment. J’calm’s earnest delivery makes the listener feel the intensity of his emotions. The repetition of the phrase “sweet love” acts as a soothing refrain and emphasizes the song’s central theme of providing pure, unadulterated love.

J’calm sings, “’Cause I wanna get you hyped and ready for the moment / Baby, I need some sweet love.” This line shows his desire to be there for his partner, elevate their shared experiences, and make every moment special.

Musically, “Sweet Love” adopts a slower tempo compared to J’calm’s other tracks. The instrumentation is minimalistic yet effective. This allows J’calm’s vocals to take center stage.


J'calm Easy Music Review rbeatz.com 0624“Easy” is a vibrant dancehall track that celebrates the joy of partying and living life to the fullest. The song’s infectious beat makes it a perfect addition to any party playlist. J’calm opens with an invitation to let loose and enjoy: “When they say party, we go hard.”

The lyrics portray the carefree, fun-loving attitude of the dancehall scene. J’calm’s delivery is energetic and confident, which reflects the song’s celebratory nature. The chorus, with its repetition of “easy,” invites listeners to embrace the joyous side of life.

“Easy” is built around a driving dancehall beat with layered rhythms and catchy hooks. This fusion creates a sound that is refreshing yet familiar. The track appeals to both old-school dancehall and contemporary pop music fans. It’s a song that urges you to move, let go of your worries, and live in the present.

Upcoming Tour Dates

J’calm is preparing to connect with his fans worldwide through live performances. His upcoming tour promises to be a thrilling experience for the audience. While specific dates and venues are yet to be announced, fans can expect performances in major cities within Jamaica and internationally.

Produced By: Rosegold Records

Directed by : Xtreme Arts

Streaming now on Oui Global Radio at rBeatz.com.

Where to find J'calm

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