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Who Is Jennifer Busco

For Jennifer Busco, life is about balance – balance of the mind, balance of the body, balance of the spirit, and balance of all of these things together in a single, harmonized whole. She spends her time helping people achieve this balance, and guiding them on a path towards healing and growth. She has devoted her life and work to assisting people as they move beyond struggles and limiting beliefs – issues that so many of us grapple with on a daily basis. 

Her work is driven by passion, and by a love of the beauty that life springs. At the heart of this beauty, Jennifer says, are two things in particular.

How Jennifer Busco brings the Art of Music and Intuitive Guidance together

“Two things I’ve always loved in my life are music and spirituality,” Jennifer says. “Both of these modalities need fearlessness. When you’re in the spiritual realm, working with it or just honoring it, you can’t be in a place of fear. The opposite of God is fear. When you are creating something – music or any sort of artistic outlet – you can’t be in a place of fear. When you’re in fear, you are constricted and shut down, and you need to be open in order to create.” 

This is something that can chime with all of us. The freedom of expression and creativity that produces the most spell-binding music is founded on a profound connection between the artist and the transformative power of the music that flows through them. The artist feels something within them, crafts this feeling into a composition, and then transforms the deepest feelings of the listeners when they release this composition out into the world.

Jennifer explains how the soul is moved by the spirit

Something similar happens when we experience profound spiritual connections. There can be no fear, only an openness and readiness to allow that transformative spiritual power to flow.

But it’s not just fearlessness that unites music and spirituality for Jennifer. She goes on to name two more key aspects that are shared by both of these important features of her life. First, trust – basically, faith in the truth of the message flowing through the medium, whether this is a musical or a spiritual message. Second, intuition – an ability to interpret and a readiness to accept this message. Music carries a message in the same way spirituality does, and both are constants in Jennifer’s life and the lives of millions of others across the globe.

In fact, intuition is at the core of the work Jennifer does. Intuitive Guidance is one of the healing experiences that Jennifer provides, bringing the balance and harmony that we all need in life. As well as intuition, this experience brings together spiritual and angelic guidance through a series of sessions, supported by practical tools and exercises that users can work on at home. The aim is an alignment with the higher self, as well as empowerment and a stronger connection to the world around us – both the physical world we all perceive and the spiritual realm that many of us find more difficult to reach.

The Big Picture  – Healing

As well as Intuitive Guidance, Jennifer offers Energy Healing. During these sessions, Jennifer customizes her approaches, connecting with the energy systems unique to each individual, including the chakras as well as their auric field. Emotions, energies, and harmful behavioral and emotional patterns become stuck within these systems, and Energy Healing works to achieve release. The aim is better alignment with natural states of flow.

You can find out more about what Jennifer does at her website, follow her Instagram, @jjbusco, or you can check out our recent interview with Jennifer right here at


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