Öwnboss | DJ, Producer | Artist and Music Review

Öwnboss | DJ, Producer | Artist and Music Review
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Öwnboss — Original Sounds and Exciting Collaborations

Öwnboss is a dance music producer and DJ known for his catchy basslines and hard-hitting beats. Emerging from southern Brazil, this exciting talent has performed shows across the world and worked with some of the biggest names in electronic music. His best-known single, “Move Your Body,” became a massive global hit in 2021-22, with over 200 million streams putting him front and center of the dance music scene.

He continues working on new music, with collaborations coming thick and fast in 2023. Over recent months, we have seen the tracks “Papapo” by Öwnboss, Watzgood & Zuffo; “RIOT” by Öwnboss & Selva; and “Preacher” by Öwnboss & Outflux. He’s also done a number of remixes for renowned dance music artists, such as Tiësto, David Guetta, and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike.

The Öwnboss story

When he’s not working as a dance music heavyweight, he goes by the name Eduardo Fornasa Zaniolo. Coming from Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, he loved bass sounds and beats from a young age. Since leaving school and focusing on music full-time, Zaniolo has traveled around the world working as a DJ and producer. His music has been a constant presence on Beatport, with his tracks regularly topping the Bass House charts and his collaborations loved by people on and off the dance floor.

The Öwnboss sound

Öwnboss has forged a name for himself in the emerging Bass House genre. His overall sound is difficult to define, however, with each track featuring a different mix of grooves and textures. When you hit the shuffle button or place the needle down, you can expect to hear elements of bass, trap, electronica, hip hop, and even R&B. While bass and vocals are always heavy in the mix, synths and percussive elements also spar for attention.

While his production style is not experimental in the true sense of the word, his style is certainly adventurous when it comes to mixing sounds and working with effects. Most tracks feature heavily edited vocals, which are chopped up, layered with precision, and blended with distinctive synths. Depending on who he’s working with, you can expect smooth vocals, simple melodies, and slammin’ basslines that get your body moving.

Biggest tracks and latest collaborations

When you talk about this DJ, you have to start with his biggest track, “Move Your Body.” This song was a huge earworm upon release, becoming the 4th most-played song in the world in 2022 according to 1001Tracklists. From radio airwaves to club dance floors, it was one of those tracks you simply couldn’t ignore. “Move Your Body” received the award for Best Bass House Track of the Year at the 2022 EDM Awards, and it also featured in the official soundtrack of EA Sports’ F1 game.

The great music kept coming in 2023, with releasing more original music and remixes while also collaborating with other big-name producers. The track “Papapo” by Öwnboss, Watzgood & Zuffo was another massive hit, featuring more of a tech house sound. With intricate rhythms and cutting synths throughout, fans are hoping this partnership will be repeated.

2023 also saw the release of “RIOT” by him & Selva, a great number with high-pitched vocals and dark undertones. “RIOT” is a high-energy track that merges his signature bass groove with Selva’s compelling vocals. The production is top-quality throughout, with driving beats and industrial synths creating an infectious electro rhythm.

Last but not least, “Preacher” by Öwnboss & Outflux was just released to great acclaim. A celebration of love, bass, and melody, this track will feature heavily on DJ playlists over the summer months. “Preacher” is slinky and addictive, with the slippery bassline and quirky vocal delivery finding its way into every corner of your body. With growing production skills and a great talent for collaboration, we can expect more great music in future years.

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Where to find Öwnboss

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