Lucio Rubino | The Fish Tank Recordings | Artist & Producer | #St.Augustine #LocalMusicSomewhere

Lucio Rubino | The Fish Tank Recordings | Artist & Producer | #St.Augustine #LocalMusicSomewhere
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Lucio Rubino – The Fish Tank Recordings

Some people just get it. They know what it takes to turn raw musical passion into something truly beautiful. Lucio Rubino is one of those people. For more than 20 years, Lucio has been delivering incredible sounds, lush orchestrations, and soulful experiences to listeners across the country and the world – as both a singer and a guitar player, and as a producer and sound engineer too.

The Fish Tank is Lucio’s pride and joy. Located in St. Augustine up in the northeast corner of Florida, this is more than just a recording studio. This is a place where musicians can feel right at home, expressing themselves in a comfortable environment designed to bring out the very best from all the artists that come through its doors.

Lucio – known as Lu to his many friends – started this place way back in 2002. A new millennium called for a new space in this part of Florida, somewhere that would support the next generation of artists and a new wave of aural delights. Top-quality recording and sound engineering was, of course, high on the agenda, and this is exactly what The Fish Tank provided. Fast forward 20 years, and it’s still delivering that today!

But this is not all. Lucio designed The Fish Tank as a music hub and as a fully cohesive part of the creative and expressive process. This is a space for songwriting, musical coaching and development, producing, mixing, mastering, and post-production sound design. Yes, plenty of recording goes on here, but The Fish Tank is the full package and the product of passion and love from Lucio Rubino and his team. For artists in search of a space to really thrive in North Florida, this is it.

A Long and Storied Career

Lu has been busy with the studio, creating the kind of place musicians just love to be. But he’s also had time to develop other aspects of his craft. In 2003, Lu became one of the founding members of StorySide:B, a leading Christian rock outfit on Gotee Records. As the group’s lead singer, Lucio’s smooth vocal style became known to thousands of fans across the country and beyond, providing a charming counterpoint to the crunchy guitars of the band’s contemporary rock sound.

To this day, “Be Still” – co-written by Lucio and his bandmates – is a big hit among listeners. It was named among BMI’s “Top 5 Most Played Songs on Christian Radio” in 2008 and really launched StorySide:B into the stratosphere. While the band is no longer together, Lu still loves those tracks and has performed many of them solo.

He’s also lent his production and music talents to other projects. Lucio produced a record for Manic Drive – a Canadian band who came up with StorySide:B – and established themselves as one of the leading lights of the North American Christian rock scene. And then there’s Paramore – the emo, pop punk, and rock megastars with a strong Christian leaning, fronted by Hayley Williams. Lucio played bass on their debut record, All We Know Is Falling, helping to launch what would be a glittering career back in 2005.

Most Recently You may have caught Lu playing with Keith Wallen & Mike Warren of “Breaking Benjamin”
At the Disturbed Take Back Your Life Tour, that premiered at the MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheater in Tampa, Florida.

8 – 8 – 2023.

Lu can be contacted at:
24 Althea Street
St Augustine, FL 32084

904) 377-7611

For all your musical interests.

The Fish Tank Recordings Today

Now in its third decade of operation, The Fish Tank is still going strong. Artists come here from all over Florida, and elsewhere up and down the east coast, in search of somewhere they bring their musical vision to life. When they step into The Fish Tank and experience the inspiring environment in this space, they know they’ve found it.

Where to find Lucio Rubino

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