Madison Hughes | “You or The Whiskey” | New Music, Single

Madison Hughes | "You or The Whiskey" | New Music, Single
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Madison Hughes, self-produced rising star, releases newest single aimed at sharing her journey | Artist & Music Review

Madison Hughes is an emerging country music star with a bright future. She caught the world’s attention on The Voice back in 2022, and her name continues to grow with each new release. Most recently covering one of the greats – Morgan Wallen’s “I Deserve a Drink” to her first original release, “You or the Whiskey.”

This track is soulful. Is country. Despite the usual urban flavor Madison was surrounding her talent around. After The Voice, she brought her versatility to us in this country track. Madison showcases her rich vocal tone. “The Heartbreak Kid,” is full of the beauty and sadness that accompany potential love. With maturity well beyond her years, Madison’s voice has a gritty texture and raspy tone that leaves you wanting more.

The Madison Hughes Story

Madison Hughes is an American original with a fantastic story. Born and raised in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, Madison loved music from an early age. She began singing at 10, and she also started guitar lessons with her dad. It wasn’t long before Madison realized she had a gift, and her growing audience of friends and family members were certainly in agreement. Madison first performed at her fifth-grade talent show, singing “Wild Thing” and getting a standing ovation.

Madison’s passion for music continued to grow, and her tastes solidified with more exposure. She attended the Newport Folk Festival on her 14th birthday, developed a love for Americana, and continued singing and practicing guitar. She also attended the Berklee College of Music summer camp, where her love of folk music grew thanks to an inspiring counselor. After attending boarding school, Madison went on to study video production at Florida State University. As a restless and highly creative spirit, it was during this time that she also learned to record and produce her own music.

The Voice Audition

Unlike many country musicians, who experience a slow and steady rise to the top, Madison had a single breakthrough moment. Her turning point came on national TV, on the 2022 edition of The Voice. After a lengthy application process, she earned her place on the blind auditions and took to the stage. With a quiet confidence beyond her years, Madison performed a countrified rendition of Bob Dylan’s classic, “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.” The judge’s ears pricked up immediately, and her family was smiling with glee when she received a three-chair turn.

After much applause, three of the four judges pleaded with Madison to join their teams. She turned down pop powerhouses, Gwen Stefani and Camila Cabello, and decided to go with fellow country musician, Blake Shelton. Later in the competition, Madison went head-to-head with country-pop hopeful Kate Kalvach, but unfortunately, her journey ended there. Shelton left Madison with a massive compliment, however, saying, “When we’re talking about Madison’s tone, I swear I hear a little Elvis!”

Recordings and Releases

When it comes to recording, the Madison Hughes story is just beginning. She’s off to a pretty good start, however, with The Voice catapulting her into the global spotlight. Her “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” performance may have been a TV audition, but it captured over half a million YouTube views. Madison also had her first proper release thanks to the show, with “You or the Whiskey” making the New Music Friday Country list on Spotify and also featuring on Billboard’s 7 Must-Hear Country Songs.

After leaving The Voice, Madison immediately started working on new material. She found time to complete a self-produced cover of Morgan Wallen’s “I Deserve a Drink” and released a new single called “The Heartbreak Kid.” This song is a commentary on dating woes, with playful lyrics speaking of charming heartbreakers who leave you out in the cold. This song is from her upcoming album of the same name, which is likely to feature her signature blend of countrified rock classics and sultry pop-folk.

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