The Castellows | New Country Sisters: The Story and Songs of The Castellows

The Castellows | New Country Sisters: The Story and Songs of The Castellows
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New Country Sisters: The Story and Songs of The Castellows

The Castellows are an emerging country music trio from the heart of Georgia. Consisting of three sisters, this exciting group is about to release their debut EP on Warner Records. The Castellows make country music in a neotraditional style, with guitar and banjo lines merging harmoniously with beautiful vocals and heartfelt lyrics. The Castellows have made a quick impact on the world of country, releasing three singles and performing across the South to great acclaim.

Let’s take a look at The Castellows story and review their latest number, “I Know It’ll Never End.” found on Apple Music, curated playlists and online radio stations around the world

The Castellows story

The Castellows are Eleanor, Lily, and Powell Balkcom. Originally from Georgetown, Georgia, they moved to the country music capital of Nashville in 2023. The girls have been practicing their craft for years, initially behind closed doors before spreading their wings online. Since they started posting their music on social media, they’ve been getting lots of love from fans in the US and across the world quickly becoming a favorite artist with Hurricane as one our favorite song.

The Castellows started on the road to fame by uploading country music covers on Instagram and TikTok. People started paying attention almost immediately.  Their internet connection was so strong. Industry insiders were captivated by their musical talents and sweet sisterly vibes. The group was first noticed in early 2023, and before then, they hadn’t even considered a career in music or being on podcasts as new artists.

Word spread quickly about The Castellows, with music fans all over the world. They signed their first contract in the United States in the Spring of the same year. It was October 2023 when the girls signed a record deal with Warner Music Nashville and its parent company Warner Records. With one of the biggest names in the music business now behind them, The Castellows were set to take on the world creating some of the most dynamic music videos sticking to their roots in Country as their specific genre.

The girls started creating new music & released their debut single “No. 7 Road” almost immediately, which was followed by a cover of Levon Helm’s “Hurricane” in November. The music kept flowing, with “I Know It’ll Never End” coming out in January 2024. With a string of successful singles behind them and creating new music tracks as we write this. The Castellows are getting ready to release their first EP. Titled A Little Goes a Long Way and produced by Trina Shoemaker, this recording is coming out on February 9, 2024. FM terrestrial radio, local radio stations, &  online Radio stations can’t wait to get this next hit in rotation.

I Know It’ll Never End

Of their three songs, “I Know It’ll Never End” has been getting the most attention from country music lovers and the wider public. While the girls are sure to have bigger hits in the future, this track is a fantastic introduction to their sound. Full of sweet vocals and enchanting harmonies, “I Know It’ll Never End” really is delightful.

This song has a relaxed but expansive groove, with a guitar and banjo dueling for attention below the vocal track. Flowing gently between verses, it has a homely feel but also takes you on a journey. From back roads to mountain ranges and everywhere in between, “I Know It’ll Never End” is a love letter to America. The lyrics take a road trip across state lines, with Lily Balkcom singing of “Georgia,” “Mississippi,” “Tennessee,” “Texas,” and “West Virginia.”

A Little Goes a Long Way

“I Know It’ll Never End” will feature on The Castellows’ upcoming release, closing the EP as the final track. A Little Goes A Long Way will include the following seven songs:

  1. A Little Goes A Long Way
  2. Heartline Hill
  3. The Part Where You Break My Heart
  4. No. 7 Road
  5. Cowboy Kind of Love
  6. Hurricane
  7. I Know It’ll Never End


This EP will be produced by Trina Shoemaker, who has worked with huge artists like Sheryl Crow and Queens of the Stone Age. Shoemaker works with musicians across the genre spectrum, and she’s certainly not limited to country artists. It will be interesting to hear her influence on The Castellows, and whether the girls push their neotraditional country sound into a new direction.

Shoemaker was the first woman to win the Grammy Award for Best Engineered Album, which she won for her work on The Globe Sessions by Sheryl Crow. She has also worked with lots of country artists over the years, including renowned figures like Emmylou Harris, the Indigo Girls, and the Dixie Chicks.

The Castellows are looking forward to the release, saying, “We are extremely excited to release our first project for the world to hear on February 9th! This collection of seven songs means so much to us and we hope everyone loves them as much as we do. We have a lot more that we’re working on for the year to come and we can’t wait for it all to be released!” Look for this project to flood music library’s and music playlists all over the world.

Upcoming tour

The Castellows will hit the road to support their new EP, playing a number of shows across the South. The tour will visit Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Wisconsin, and Montana. For their full touring schedule, check out The Castellows website for some of the best new country music genre to hit the market in quite a while. Whether they’re lighting up the stage or making magic in the studio, The Castellows will be on your favorite music playlists,  favorite radio station, internet radio, & fm radio as a bold  presence in the country music world for years to come.

Streaming now on USA Heroes Radio at

Where to find The Castellows

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