Tom MacDonald: Allstar Rapper Goes “God Mode”

Tom MacDonald Artist Review God Mode May 2024
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Tom MacDonald: Allstar Rapper Goes “God Mode”

Tom MacDonald is a Canadian rapper and singer with an inspiring and sometimes controversial message. He is known for many things, from his extensive tattoo collection to his right-wing politics and anti-establishment views. MacDonald is a loud critic of woke culture, and he even delves into conspiracy theories and culture wars from time to time.

Amidst all the controversy, however, MacDonald uses his experience to help people overcome adversity. After beating addiction in his own life, he encourages others to stay strong and make life-affirming changes. Heck, he even previously worked as a professional wrestler, which is something not many rappers can say.

Tom MacDonald has been making beats and laying down rhymes for years. Since 2008, he has released multiple mixtapes, singles, EPs, and albums. MacDonald just dropped his latest single, “God Mode,” which climbed high to hit number 2 on the Billboard charts. While not everyone is a fan of his music, the Tom MacDonald story is definitely one worth telling.

How it all began

Tom MacDonald was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. He got his first job in the construction industry, and his dad was a contract negotiator on the oil rigs. While he loved music from an early age, he was initially inspired to become a professional wrestler. Having thrown himself into the ring under the name Allstar, MacDonald worked as a pay-per-view wrestler for many years. As his career grew over time, MacDonald developed an increasingly problematic relationship with drinking.

The physical pain and psychological bravado of the pro wrestling circuit saw his alcoholism grow into a monster. Professional wrestlers often struggle with substance abuse, and MacDonald certainly wasn’t immune. Alcoholism hit harder as the years progressed, and it became one of the reasons why he left the wrestling game. It all came to a head in 2017, with MacDonald suffering a breakdown and entering rehabilitation.

Making beats and slinging rhymes

Tom MacDonald started sharing beats back in 2008, when he self-released the “Killville” mixtape as TMax. The mixtapes kept coming, with “Demo,” “Young and Crazy,” “Creature from the Rap Lagoon,” and “A Glorious Future” all released under the T Mac moniker. From 2011 onward, MacDonald started releasing mixtapes under his own name, including “Infidelity in the Throne Room,” “Flowers for the Dead,” and “No Guts No Glory.”

Along with mixtapes, MacDonald was paving his way as a rapper. His voice was first heard in 2012 on the song “All Growed Up,” which was self-released as Mr. MacDonald. “See You Tomorrow” came a few years later in 2015, and the music kept on coming. Some of his best-known songs include “WHITEBOY” from 2018, “Fake Woke” from 2021, and “Whiteboyz” from 2022.

Tom MacDonald also managed to release some long players along the way, including the EPs Macbeth and Therapy and the albums See You Tomorrow, The Brave, and The Brave II. His music was becoming increasingly popular due to better production values and uncompromising social commentary. As you can probably tell from the track titles, his music is often highly divisive.

MacDonald’s breakthrough came with a song called “Dear Rappers” in 2017, which referenced the mumble rap scene that was currently taking America by storm. “Brainwashed” reached number 11 on the US Rock charts in 2021, and “Sheeple” hit number 33 on the same charts the following year. “American Flags” with Adam Calhoun reached number 43 on Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart in 2023.

Tom MacDonald’s biggest hit came in 2024 with the single “Facts.” This song featured American political commentator Ben Shapiro in his debut musical appearance. This track features a catchy trap beat, along with lyrics related to various hot topics. The culture wars are well and truly weaponized on this single, which refers to gender pronouns, gun control, and the Black Lives Matter movement. While far from universally loved, it did reach number 8 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.

Overcoming addiction and adversity

Whatever you think of Tom MacDonald’s politics, he’s been a positive influence on many people overcoming addiction. He regularly hosts live streams on Discord, offering guidance and encouragement to his community of die-hard fans. Whether it’s teenagers from Indiana looking for relationship advice or 20-somethings from Florida needing help with drug abuse, he’s always willing to listen and give advice.

MacDonald has been through a lot in this life, and his music is a great healing tool for his fans. If you want to connect with the man himself, Tom MacDonald is active on X, Instagram, and Facebook. If you want to listen to his music, head to Spotify, iTunes, or the Hang Over Gang website.

While he gets lots of attention for his political tracks, MacDonald has written dozens of songs about sobriety and mental health. For many of his fans, it’s these tracks that really make a difference. According to MacDonald himself, “I’m not just the white conservative rap guy…I’ve also done a lot of stuff that’s not politically charged, but that doesn’t seem to get digested and championed the same way, for obvious reasons.”

“God Mode”

Tom MacDonald’s latest track is called “God Mode.” It represents many of the positive things about MacDonald, with uplifting lyrics set against tight trap beats and haunting atmospheres. This song talks about reaching your goals, being true to yourself, and staying strong in a world gone mad. While there’s definitely flex involved, he’s also saying “you can reach every one of your dreams” and “you can beat ’em if you just believe.” Above all else, this song is one of strength and hope.

Tom MacDonald may get lots of hate in the dark corners of the internet, but he isn’t afraid to bring the light. While his anti-woke brand of white boy rap certainly isn’t for everyone, he brings a message of toughness and resilience to his loyal fan base. If you’d like to experience Tom MacDonald’s vibes for yourself, you can buy his music, rock his merchandise, or check Facebook for the next live show.

Streaming now on 25/8/366 Global Radio at

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