Alternative Pop | Leisure McCorkle

Alternative Pop | Leisure McCorkle

This one-man band performs as songwriter, lead vocalist and guitarist, but also continues his musical journey with a classic band line up, allowing his musical talent to range through years and experiences of creativity.

William “Lee” McCorkle, dubbed Leisure McCorkle, AKA Leezy, has been carving his way through the national and international music scene for 25 years. Two preceding bands of McCorkle’s are Misguided Youth, predominately punk-pop, and groovy vibes, Funkenstein.

His most current work released in 2016 sparred from a reunion of band mates diving back into the pop scene with exceptional lyrics and emotionally robust numbers. This album titled 5000 Light Years Beyond the Speed of Sound, came to life a solid 14 years after the previously produced album, Jet Set Baby (2002). Both of these albums are available on iTunes, however, other works of Leisure McCorkle can only be heard or purchased at live shows or from the merch link listed below. The earlier years of Leisure McCorkle donned a range of alternative to power-pop tracks but with the release of 5000 Light Years Beyond the Speed of Sound you hear almost a shift to darker pop.

His hiatus in music was filled with years obtaining knowledge and experiences around the globe leading McCorkle to earning his doctorate degree from the Institute of Cognition and Culture at Queen’s University, in Belfast. He is a notably published anthropologist, who travels for presentations and lectures on topics pertaining to cognition, culture & religion. His academic journey really allowed Dr. McCorkle to hone in on producing novel lyrics that really bring his listeners on a journey. In his words, “the idea is to play with concepts of time and space while creating a musical space for meaning, experience, and raw emotions.”

Leisure McCorkle is currently touring to promote his newest album. Depending on venue, you may catch the classic Leisure McCorkle Band or a solo Leisure performance, as he travels to various cities in North Carolina, as well as Virginia, Pennsylvania, Texas, Michigan, Missouri, D.C. and more. To book Leisure McCorkle for a private event or festival visit the Official Website where you can find a list of booked show dates and locations. And if the opportunity ever arises to buy this artist a drink, McCorkle is a lover of Guinness.

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