Depth & Substance surged through the 80’s Alternative Rock Scene.

Those who lasted

Those who got Blasted

Those who lived to tell about it


Those who are legend.

Cranking out Vinyl in the current music climate

IT’S SNAKES – Check all the boxes.

A Well Rounded Rockabilly, Funkabilly, down right Punkabilly, Alternative Rock n Roll, Blow your Mind Kinda Band.

Cruising through and carrying


One of a kind Lyricist,

Hope Nicholls.

Hope – heads up yet another Rock your Lift Kits Off, Ball Busting Band.


Most Commonly known for her Soul Clenching Silk Strappy Leather Vocals, Saxophone, Harmonica, and Super Cool Stand Up Drum Talent. With world renowned label ties to Capitol Records & Sire Records – Responsible for signing the Ramones, Dead Boys, Undertones, and Talking Heads.

With Appearances on

Marilyn Manson – Portrait of an American Family

Pig face – Notes from The Underground

& Slick Idiots

Let’s just say check your WiKi on this.

Have you not heard of

“Fetchin Bones”-

“SugarSmack” –

“Snagglepuss” –

Opening up for the Likes of




The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Hope Nicholls is back at it again
With  “It’s Snakes”
Her Nastalgic Music find of Lyrics pulled together, creating
“LX”.  Their latest album.

A true Southern Charm of Right up your take it where you want to type of Sound.

These Charlotte North Carolinians are an electrically satisfying performance based eclectic act that Def goes the distance one performance at a time. Each show better than the last.

Those who play together stay together

Proof is

Hope Nicholl’s and Aaron Pitkin

This Dynamic Duo teaming up with their long time compadre – Darrin Grey.

LX – Was Cleverly Crafted over time.

Recorded & Mixed by legendary Don Dixon – Co producer of R.E.M.’s LP Murmur and LP Reckoning.

Along with Mitch Easter at Fidelitorium Recordings in Kernersville, N.C.

Lastly – Mastered by icon Dave Harris at Studio B

Check out “LX” on Vinyl At VinylCarolina Here – › its-snakesIt’s Snakes – LX (2020, BOSS PC) Page 1 of 0 – Carolina Music Review

“LX” – Sounds So Groovy. Here are our Top 3 Fav’s

  1. Snakes with their horses –
  2. Play me –
  3. New Earbuds –
  4. Feelings are real –

With “LX” – “IT’S SNAKES” Still spews a strong Alternative Funky Rock Solid College vibe.

Hope has a realistic value to her lyrics.

The bass taps and rockabilly college beat dance sleekly through each song as they stand on their own feet. Individual songs structures carry the lyrics with the harmony and masterful vocals of Hope. This whole album is a Unique piece of Love and Passion cover to cover.

ITS SNAKES 2022 Concert Spots 1

Check “LX” out NOW on

Bandcamp –

Apple Music –

Spotify – › albumLX – Album by It’s Snakes – Spotify – Web Player

Amazon –

Check out Hope & Aaron and the Funkadellic Alternative up & coming Band Gigs at Tommy’s Pub

It’s Snakes Facebook –

Be sure to check out and support the Nicholl’s & Pitkin Culture & Talents alongside their music

Here – Boris & Natasha Boutique

Boris and Natasha Boutique – Google Search

ITS SNAKES 2022 Concert Spots 2
ITS SNAKES 2022 Concert Spots 3
ITS SNAKES 2022 Concert Spots 4

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