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Alternative Rock | Maneskin | Chosen

Maneskin – the hard-rockin’ group from Italy traveling worldwide. What were you doing in high school? These rockers were starting a band and a damn good one at that. To not even be 7 years in and to experience what these early 2o something year old’s have must feel out of this world.



American Rapper, Kosha Dillz, raps about everything he sees, experiences, and dreams. He raps to tell his story. Dive in and learn more about this artist and all his many likes and talents.

English Indie Rock

English Indie Rock | Sea Girls | Lonely

Sea Girls newest album was released in March of 2022. In support of the new album, intimate record store shows are scheduled for May 2022, as well as their biggest UK tour to date in November 2022, which would include a show at Alexandra Palace in London.

Alternative Pop

Alternative Pop | Leisure McCorkle

This one-man band performs as songwriter, lead vocalist and guitarist, but also continues his musical journey with a classic band line up, allowing his musical talent to range through years

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