Cole Tague | #Nashville

Cole Tague | #Nashville
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Who Is Cole Tague?

Cole is a pop artist from Dayton, Ohio. He lived in five different states and went to thirteen different schools before he attended college. He graduated from Lee University, where he studied voice and realized his passion for music, songwriting, and the Lord. He sees his music as a vessel to help change the world for the better and strives to do this every day. He was the Worship Arts Director in Beavercreek, Ohio, until his recent move. He currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee, where he focuses on his songwriting and producing of music.

Cole has played a variety of venues all over the country and has been on tour with Josh Turner, Andy Mineo, Brian Kelley, Anne Wilson, and Zach Williams. He has written and demoed over 200 songs in several different genres for customers on Songfinch and hopes to continue to write hundreds more as he’s given the opportunity. He has also had quite a bit of success in SYNC placements with his music.

On Cole’s YouTube channel, he shares not only his original songs but also video tutorials on vocals, broken into upper and lower harmonies, for a number of songs used for worship at many Christian churches.

Cole loves life and the Lord and is pursuing his dream of making music and helping others to make the world a better place.

A Deep Dive Into Cole Tague’s Music

Cole’s music can best be classified as acoustic pop, with a bit of R&B, and a bit of Christian. He has six songs released on Spotify and Apple Music, with his most recent song, “Bummer,” having been streamed over 24,000 times on Spotify alone!

Cole’s three most popular songs overall are “Bummer,” “I Don’t Wanna Want It,” and “Still.” Let’s break them down.

“Bummer” instantly kicks off with a hip-hop vibe and a steady drum beat. The guitar riffs are electrified and keep the song moving forward while Cole sings about not wanting to say goodnight because it really means goodbye. The lyrics relate to the feelings that even though life can be a really downer sometimes, we can move forward and keep going strong. This song is extremely well-written and has been well- received by audiences on Spotify, Apple Music, and Cole’s YouTube Channel.

“I Don’t Wanna Want It” has a completely different vibe. It’s a heavier song, talking about temptation and the difficult choices we must make as humans. With strong vocals and a strong downbeat, the song carries more of a dank side, with an eeriness to it. The music plays a more spacey, out-of-this-world aura and has an alternative/indie feeling, similar to something you’d hear from The Black Keys. The beautifully written melodies play well with the feel of both the darkness and light in the song.

“Still” has a light, airy feel and is a uniquely inspirational song. The melody is simple but full of impact. The song leaves the words to stand out on their own and tells a tale of how God never leaves you alone and will always be there through everything that happens.

The different variety of music Cole plays shows his true diversity as a singer, songwriter, and producer. He has talents that go beyond simply just singing his music. He pulls you into his songs and will have you dancing and humming with his music as you appreciate his true talents. Stay tuned for more original music from Cole as he continues to create music his way well into the future.

Where to find Cole Tague

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