Brandon Scott | Artist & Musician Review | #LocalMusicSomewhere #Nashville

Brandon Scott | Artist & Musician Review | #LocalMusicSomewhere #Nashville
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Who Is Brandon Scott?

Brandon Scott is a singer, songwriter and music teacher from Columbus, Ohio, but this wasn’t always his story. You may remember him best from his days on My 600-Lb. Life. Early in his music career, Brandon struggled to make progress with his music. People wouldn’t take him seriously because of his weight.

When he starred in the show, he had three goals. The first was to lose weight, and besides that, he wanted to pursue his music career and marry his girlfriend at the time, Tayler.

Instead of letting his demons destroy him, Brandon succeeded at all three goals. He overcame his personal demons and the toxicity of the entertainment business and broke free from relationships that were slowly eating away at him. He has since married his wonderful wife, Tayler, and lost over 475 total lbs between diet, exercise, and weight loss surgery.

He can now focus on his music career, and that is exactly what he has been doing. He has released two major singles recently, “Handcuffed to a Demon” and “Buffer.” He has played at a variety of different music festivals across the country, including the Cincinnati Water Festival, the Alabama Water Festival, and the Main Street Festival 2022 in Franklin, TN.

While his two recent releases have taken off on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music, he has also written some additional music that you can hear on his YouTube channel. These songs include “Calling on Jesus,” “I Prayed (The Proposal),” and “Facebook Official.” He has also done several cover songs and sometimes sings with his wife.

Brandon went through quite a journey to get to where he is today, but he is finally “Loving the dream…pursuing music…checking them all off the list!” as Brandon told InTouch Weekly. He has shown that you can achieve anything you put your mind to with hard work and perseverance. Expect in the future to see more from this very talented musician.

A Deep Dive into Brandon Scott’s Music

Brandon’s music has a bluesy feel, with some real authenticity in the music. With raw, powerful vocals, he sings the lyrics of someone who has taken a journey and still remembers the details. His songs have an acoustic guitar overdrive and cut through the droves of monotonous music we hear day after day. You can feel his emotions in his songs, and his music inspires people to stand up and take the chance while letting people know it’s ok to not go it alone.

Brandon classifies himself as a Christian music artist, and his songs display that authenticity in the lyrics and the music. Through everything he has endured, he has kept God at the forefront of his life and has broken insurmountable odds to arrive at where he is today. His music is open and real. It’s inspirational and bold, and the lyrics paint a vivid picture of real-life struggles and triumphs that could be his, yours, or any other human’s.

“Handcuffed to A Demon” talks about making a bold move, breaking free from your demons, and distancing oneself from a toxic relationship. It’s a rally song for everyone who has at one time felt hopeless.

In “Buffer,” Brandon opens up, crooning about needing help and a shoulder to cry on, knowing that his journey can’t be done alone.

Both amazing songs are well worth a listen and can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer, and his YouTube channel. Stay tuned for more music coming from Brandon in the near future! With his natural talents and creative lyrics, he will be back.

Where to find Brandon Scott

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