Dance/Electronic | Illenium & Thirty Seconds to Mars | Wouldn’t Change A Thing

Dance/Electronic | Illenium & Thirty Seconds to Mars | Wouldn't Change A Thing

Illenium by all formality is an electronic record producer & DJ, who emerged in 2013. However, beyond that, we see him as a maker of musical magic and expressive storytelling. Multiple music awards and Billboard hits endorse his career, as he’s come from his delivery boy days to becoming one of the headlining artists of many prominent music festivals.

It really took off for Illenium following the 2016 release of Ashes and since then he’s produced three more albums all of which are followed up by a remix album. Awake (2017) and Ascend (2019) really set the tone for his career as he experimented with different styles. Awesome singles & EPs sprinkled in between the years but Fallen Embers (2022) honed in on his hip-hop beats with a solid blend of rock and electronic qualities. Watching Illenium performances goes to show that he stands out with the audio-visual connection to hear, see & feel his songs. He writes music in a way that he wants his listeners to sit back, eyes closed, and really be taken by the beats as each mix has its own story.

As said on his artist bio on Spotify, “Illenium is one of the most successful crossover electronic artists today” and the numbers speak truth to that. Nearly 9.5M monthly listeners on Spotify show that his following is vast. Actually, his fans have gained a name: Illenials. Cities with top listeners span from Los Angeles, California to Mumbai, India back to the US in Chicago and Dallas, and over to Sydney, Australia. Illenium is heard worldwide!

It’s no surprise that after three quiet years, Thirty Seconds to Mars would choose someone as decorated as Illenium to partner up with.  This alternative rock band is comprised of brothers, Shannon and Jared Leto. This band has produced 5 studio albums, the sixth is in the works, received a dozen music awards, and even a Guinness World Record title for the Longest Running Tour in History. After making music for two decades, maybe they chose Illenium? Either way, we enjoyed this outcome. Check out “Wouldn’t Change a Thing” which they released in October 2021. The smooth-flowing vocals were written by  Tom Douglas, Shannon Leo, Matt Schulz, Jared Leto & Ido Zmishlany, and performed by Jared Leto. The beats were produced by Illenium & Jared Leto under Warner Records.

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