Get to Know Dawn Anthony | Charlotte Creative | #LocalMusicSomewhere

Get to Know Dawn Anthony | Charlotte Creative | #LocalMusicSomewhere
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The Philly Born, Georgia-Raised Artist Taking the Music Scene by Storm

Who is Dawn Anthony?

Move over, Beyoncé. There’s a new queen in the music scene named Dawn Anthony. She has come a long way since she left Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as a young girl and moved to Georgia. Hailing from Philadelphia but raised in the South, she identifies as a Northerner with an unwavering Southern spirit!

Dawn’s sound is unique and refreshingly complex. She is a multifaceted artist with a dynamic resume that touches on genres from classical to jazz, musical theater to gospel! Today you can find her bridging the gap between several genres and taking the music world by storm!

Thanks to her rigid vocal training, Dawn can successfully sing genres outside of classical. She loves pushing herself musically to create meaningful connections with audiences that go deeper than the lyrics on a page. With her degree in music from the Queens University of Charlotte, Dawn Anthony continues to feed her passion for learning, performing, and teaching through international collaborations and cultural exchanges that transcend the traditional boundaries of a stage or classroom.

In July 2019, Dawn united with S. Kristi Douglas to create a harmonious transformation of her beloved children’s book into a musical extravaganza, “The Gift Way Up in the Closet” – a piece designed to inspire kids to find and nurture their talents. The duo was rewarded for their hard work when they received “Best Short Play” recognition at the 2020 Atlanta Black Theatre Festival!

In February 2018, Dawn initially published her first children’s story—proving that great things can be achieved through collaboration and dedication. “The Gift Way Up in the Closet.” Written in Honor of children in finding there best Self. Partnering with S. Kristi Douglas, as they created the perfect blend of bringing Anthony’s words to life with A beautiful musical earning “Best Short Play” Honors at the Atlanta Black Theatre Festival in 2020.


Anthony brings a fresh sound to the industry that can’t be ignored. She has powerful vocals that can reach the back of any concert stadium. Her style is trendy, edgy, and unapologetic – just like the artist.

When it comes to developing a unique sound in music, it’s never as easy as it seems. It takes a great deal of time, experimentation, and creativity. So when you come across someone who seems to have nailed it hright out of the gate, it’s hard not to be intrigued.

Wondering how she developed her own signature sound? Well, she’ll be the first to tell you it wasn’t easy, but it was worth it. She created something truly special by honing in on her own personal style.

Her music is a true reflection of her own unique experiences and inspiration, and it’s something that fans connect with on a deeper level. You can hear the passion in her lyrics, the energy in her beats, captivating melodies, the unmistakable sound, and the emotion in her voice. It’s a sound that’s all her own, and it’s one that’s sure to leave a lasting impression.

Inspiring audiences with her dynamic vocals, Dawn was deeply privileged to celebrate the legacies of Ella Fitzgerald and Nancy Wilson for JazzArts Charlotte’s renowned Jazz Room series. Additionally, as a featured soloist in Max Roach’s Freedom Now Suite at Uptown Charlotte, she had the opportunity to showcase her extraordinary talent!

Moreover, Dawn has been given multiple chances on stage at Middle C Jazz in Charlotte, where she could beautifully render classic pieces from Sarah Vaughan. When she isn’t on stage, Dawn dedicates her time to DNAMuzic – an organization that seeks to bring music’s cultural and historical roots into the spotlight. Through lecturing and vocal coaching, Dawn is passionate about educating others in the art of music.

Next Gigs

Dawn has graced audiences with her unique voice featuring the Union Symphony Orchestra at the Main Street Plaza in downtown Monroe.
The The Middle C Jazz Club.

For more unforgettable experiences check out Dawns up n coming events here

Bring your family and friends to immerse yourself in some of Dawn’s best work.
Dawn will undoubtedly leave you with a night to remember.

Where to find Dawn Anthony

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