Jason Clay Mull | Olympic skater, public figure, musician

Jason Clay Mull | Olympic skater, public figure, musician
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Jason Clay Mull – Olympic Skater | Public Figure | Musician

In a world that encourages and celebrates niching down, some rare individuals defy expectations to excel at multiple pursuits. Jason Clay Mull perfectly embodies an individual with a relentless drive and an insatiable hunger to excel and make a difference.

Jason Clay Mull seems to have greatness ingrained in his DNA—he’s an Olympian, a healthcare professional, a skating instructor, and a rockstar musician. His journey embodies the boundless possibilities awaiting those who relentlessly pursue their passions.

A Speed Skater Ordinaire

Hailing from North Carolina, Jason Clay Mull made his first mark in the competitive athletic world as a teen. He placed second in the U.S. Junior Olympic roller skating in 1995 at the tender age of 14 years. He switched to speed skating after graduating high school and missed placement in the U.S. Olympic team in 2002 by a whisker.

Unperturbed and propelled by a burning ambition, Jason qualified for the next event, becoming an Olympian at 27. He was part of the team representing the USA at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy. Although his team placed sixth in the team pursuit, Jason Mull’s competitive streak raged on.

An Honor Student and a Healthcare Professional

Jason returned to North Carolina and set his sights on new horizons in the healthcare sector. He enrolled at the Catawba Valley Community College in 2008, graduating in 2010 with an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Radiologic Technology.

Driven by the passion for helping patients improve their health and well-being, the honor student joined the Charlotte Medical Clinic as a radiologic technologist/phlebotomist. Ever the overachiever, Clay Mull also took an additional role as a patient treatment therapist at Southeast Chiropractic. The new roles allowed him to combine technical expertise with a genuine desire to help patients improve health and wellness.

Amazingly, transitioning to a healthcare professional, Jason’s passion for ice skating remained strong. Besides the two healthcare jobs, he doubled as a skating instructor. He dug deep into his Olympic experience to help nurture the next generation of Olympians while using the art of skating to encourage fitness and champion healthy lifestyles.

Embracing the Musical Side

Amid the whirlwind of achievements, Clay Mull uncovered a hidden talent—music. He tapped into his inner rockstar, transitioning into a songwriter, singer, and guitarist. Jason used his heartfelt lyrics and enchanting melodies to captivate audiences nationwide.

In his typical fashion, Jason didn’t play in a garage band. He teamed up with Kids in America, an 80s tribute band based in Charlotte, North Carolina, with a national presence. With his electrifying stage presence, killer guitar skills, and soulful voice, Jason helped catapult Kids in America to new career heights

He was one of the lead vocalists as the band set out to breathe new life into iconic tunes from the 80s. The band delivered riveting performances, took the audience back in time, and won national acclaim. The band meticulously captured the essence of defining the 1980s with costumes and props to stage a mind-blowing show.

Transitioning to a Solo Artist

After a successful run with Kids in America, paying homage to iconic hits of the 80s, Jason set out to forge his own musical legacy. He’s tapping into his electrifying stage presence, jaw-dropping guitar skills, and soulful voice to unleash his original sounds into the world.

He tapped into his extensive experience, unbridled passion for music, and songwriting prowess to release his first studio album. The highly anticipated L.P. is a genuine expression of his artistry and attests to his evolution as a musician. It’ll likely transcend genres to take listeners on a sonic journey that entwines infectious melodies with heartfelt ballads.

Jason Clay Mull is a true Renaissance man passionate about speed, altruism, and rock ‘n’ roll. Will he etch his name in the annals of musical history? Only time will tell.

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