Kosha Dillz | Wild n Out Spoken “Bring The Family Home”

Kosha Dillz | Wild n Out Spoken "Bring The Family Home"
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Kosha Dillz | “Bring The Family Home” 
Wild ‘N Out spoken, Well Spoken, & Speaking Out!

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KOSHA DILLZ & his Latest Single – “Bring The Family Home”!

Kosha Dillz – Prominent Israeli – Jewish Rapper

Originally from New Jersey.

This highly educated, well-rounded rapper is the Real Dillz.  

Loving people all over the world and learning from every step he takes, his hard work is paying off.

Dillz, initially from Jersey, found his love for rap starting at bar mitzvahs and upping the stakes at the famous Nuyorican Poets Cafe.  This is where he birthed KOSHER DILL. The crowd response was nothing shy of a standing ovation. That said. It became the foundation root and turning out of KOSHA DILLZ.

Following high school, Dillz earned a Full Scholarship to Rutgers as a Division 1 wrestler. This opportunity quickly became an open playground for this genius creator.  Leading to what Dillz thought was his best life.  All while creating a level of inner demons and drug addiction to battle.  Being known as the man with the Good S#1T and alot of fun was nothing more than a pathway to destruction. After a whirlwind of pipes and bars.  The Tough as nails Dillz was determined never to let it get the best of him all while overcoming addiction & turning bars into beats.

Kosha has been through many “Ups and Downs” along with crazy turnarounds – The title of one of Kosha’s latest Bangerz.

“The Up’s n Down’s” highlight the roller coaster of real life and the reality of a working performer. Every time I hear the intro alarm, I still check my phone. Gets me every time.

If you are impressed by rapping in different languages then Span-Hebrish (Ech Ani Olech) is for you. This banger will blow you out of the water.

Dillz hit the LA rap scene.  Landing back in Gotham City.

Keeping to his East Coast roots and not morphing into a CaliRapper. 

Currently Rap battling it out on 

Nick Cannon’s “Wild N’ Out” rap improv show.

Kosha is no stranger to Billboard – His style is well-rounded and outspoken. His love for all of humanity is his true roots. His rap style has taken him all the way to a licensing deal for one of the most-played commercials in a Super Bowl season. The “Bow Wow Wow” lyric was the line that brought Dillz the deal of a lifetime and a check larger than most make in a year. Los Angeles was a licensing frenzy that ended Dillz’s back to his East Coast roots. Be sure to keep an eye out for Kosha around New York City performing and hitting the most interesting Big Apple sites for his creative one of a kind videos.

All this said. Kosha is a force to be wreckn’ with.

Performing with Fat Joe to Nissim Black, Kosha is here to stay, bringing us all a joyous Shabot, serving up his incredible word salad, relatable life lessons, and genuinely remarkable entertainment with courageous, well-intended, and well-needed open dialogue. With huge love and peace to all,  Kosha delivers a sense of realism in all his words spoken.

Catch some of our Kosha Dillz Favs Here.

Where to find Kosha Dillz

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