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Christopher Singleton SeeSings Album Art Review
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‘Not Yet’ and the SeeSings Story

Christopher E. Singleton Sr. is a musician and writer who releases music under the name SeeSings. He discovered a deep love of music at an early age, exploring his natural talent for singing and slowly learning to compose melodies and write songs. Christopher has released a number of tracks in 2023, including the soul-stirring single “Not Yet.”

The heartache and joy of ‘Not Yet’

“Not Yet” is a profound testimony delivered straight from the heart. In a world of novelty tunes and shallow pop, this song presents an honest counterpoint based on real-life experience. Christopher recently became a proud father, but it happened after the tragic miscarriage of his twins. While he feels extremely blessed to have a healthy bouncing baby, this event had a major impact on his life and family. The gender of the new baby is not yet clear, but the love and life he feels is as bright as day.

“Not Yet” speaks of God and his not-always-clear plan. While the artist’s Christian values are proud and clear, he presents an all-too-human face that can struggle to see the bigger picture. When the heart is heavy and the sky comes crashing down, understanding the difference between “no” and “not yet” can make all the difference in the world.

The SeeSings story

Christopher E. Singleton Sr. has always been an original, and finding a music teacher to vibe with was not easy. His early piano teacher was not a good fit, and unfortunately, this turned Christopher off playing for a good six years. Luckily for Christopher and everyone who enjoys his music, his mom stepped in to help out. She always believed in him, becoming his piano teacher to help his music grow.

After finishing school, Christopher entered college. After an initial period of confusion, he decided to follow his passion and took up a music major. Creating tunes in the Arsena Music Arena was a life-changing experience during this period, with Christopher inspired to write more music and share his love with the world.

While the lyrics and melodies of Christopher E. Singleton Sr. are 100% original, he pulls inspiration from all corners of the musical universe. From Babyface to Michael Jackson, from Eminem to Shawn Terrell, Christopher merges funk and soul with emotive vocals and varied instrumentation. Among other artists, he also loves Woody Marine, Black Jewels, Pastor Chris Edwards, Banoor Brooklyn, Artisins Culture Block, and Grind House.

We can expect more great tunes from Christopher over the coming months, including a new version of “Help Me See Your POV” on November 15 and the brand-new single “Proud” coming later this year. “Proud” is also inspired by family and God, with Christopher’s lyrics providing an affirmation and appreciation of love and the opportunity it brings.

We recently sat down with Chris and listened as he told us about his journey, catch it here.

Where to find Christopher Singleton Sr.

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