Jayler | Youthful Energy and Classic Rock Vibes

Jayler Music Review - Youthful Energy and Classic Rock Vibes
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Jayler: Youthful Energy and Classic Rock Vibes

Jayler is an exciting teenage band from the West Midlands, UK. Inspired by classic rock from the ’70s and beyond, this young 4-piece is all about the rock. The Jayler boys wear their influences well, having created a unique vibe defined by good songwriting, great playing, and a stage presence way beyond their years.

Over three-minute chunks of authentic rock, Jayler delivers energetic riffs and licks aplenty. While the group was only established in 2022, they’ve been wowing audiences ever since. A flourish of new songs has captured the attention of listeners, including “No Woman,” “Evil,” and “I’ll Meet You There” from their debut EP A Piece in Our Time.

Introducing Jayler

Jayler is a new presence on the West Midlands scene, having emerged from a chance meeting at an open mic night. That’s when guitarists James and Tyler first met, merging their first names to create the band’s title. Tyler joined the same music course as James, and the duo expanded into a proper 4-piece band. Two fellow students were asked to join the fun, Ricky Hodgkiss on bass and Ed Evens on drums.

Jayler is:
James Bartholomew

Known by his mates as Jay, James fell in love with the guitar after seeing the video for “If You Want Blood” by AC/DC. James started singing at the age of just 15, with his guitar and vocal sounds inspired by Led Zeppelin, Def Leppard, and Slash.

Tyler Arrowsmith

Tyler has been rocking the guitar since he was 10, and he absolutely loves putting on a show. He’s a huge fan of classic rock from the 1980s and gets endless inspiration from the big personalities of Eddie Van Halen, Angus Young, and David Gilmour.

Ricky Hodgkiss

Ricky joined the band in 2023, originally just to help out. He quickly became a full-fledged member, with his solid bass lines now central to the Jayler groove. Ricky is inspired by Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Cream, and Greta Van Fleet.

Ed Evans

Ed is relatively new on the skins, having picked up the drumsticks in 2020. He enjoys a wide spectrum of music from many genres, from the classic rock of Zeppelin and Hendrix to traditional big band and groove.

Big sounds and recent releases

Jayler is full of endless energy, with dual guitar madness cutting through a tight relentless groove. This young band has already created a number of original songs, including “Acid Rain,” “A Piece in Our Time,” “No Woman,” “I’ll Meet You There,” “The Rinsk,” “Take Me Home,” “Hounds of Doom,” and “Sheila.” Jayler has also performed and recorded some fantastic covers, from Zepplin classics like “Rock and Roll” to Hendrix’s “Foxy Lady” and Aerosmith’s “Blind Man.”

The following songs come from the band’s debut EP A Piece in Our Time:

No Woman

This song starts with a fantastic chugging riff, exploding a few bars later with a pure rock ‘n’ roll scream. “No Woman” presents a classic rock sound modernized by young heads with real talent. Jay speaks the traditional language of rock, with women, love, and drink all highlighted for a new audience. His vocals hit all the right highs, and the dueling guitars are backed by a solid bass groove. There’s even a lively guitar solo two-thirds through the track, which ends with a focused build and scream-laden riff refrain.


This song is a cover of the Howlin’ Wolf classic. Jayler put a modern rock sound on this all-time fave, with hard-hitting riffs and furious guitar solos hitting where it hurts. Jay presents these lyrics like they’re his own, singing “I am warnin’ you, brother. You better watch your happy home.” “Evil” was originally released back in 1954, and Jayler brings it right into the present day. This track really does rock, and I think Howlin’ Wolf would be proud.

I’ll Meet You There

This lovely track showcases Jayler’s softer side. It moves at a gentle pace, with soft jangly guitars providing color and movement as the vocals are introduced. “I’ll Meet You There” is about spending time and traveling the world with a special girl. It speaks of “dancing under the stars” and “watching the mountains fall” with the person you love. While this number is not as successful as the band’s more rocking tracks, it shows another side of this great upcoming band.

Jayler has just released its debut EP, A Piece in Our Time. In addition to the three tracks reviewed above, it also includes “Acid Rain,” “Take Me Home,” and the title track “A Piece in Our Time.” Jayler will be performing across the UK to support this release, and they already have a few shows under their belt. The lads have already been well-received, with the infectious energy of their recorded sound really coming to life on the stage. As the Jayler boys write more songs and do more shows, we can look forward to an even bigger and better sound in the years ahead.

⚡️Teenage Rock Band from the West Midlands⚡️
@james_jayler_ 🎙🎸 Vox/Guitar
@tyleraza124 🎸 Guitar
@ricky_hodgkiss 🅱️ass
@edevans_drums 🥁Drums

Streaming now on USA Heroes Radio at rBeatz.com.

Where to find Jayler

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