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About John Maddrey

If you’re searching for some easy music to listen to this fall, you’ll enjoy John Maddrey’s latest release, “Catching Fireflies.” This songwriter, singer, and producer signed under GrindHaus Studios has composed several well-tuned, appealing tunes that carry a strong vocal performance.

John Maddrey hails from Mooresville, North Carolina, and has a couple of achievements, including graduating from CPCC with an Arts degree and a second-degree Black belt in Taekwondo. However, the best introduction to him is with the Audio Engineer position he holds at GrindHaus Studios. He is gifted with excellent singing, songwriting, and guitar-playing skills.

John Maddrey’s musical journey started in his bedroom, literally! According to him, what better way to start his day than to put a soundtrack to the dreams he woke up to? It sounds hilarious, but that’s how he produced the award-winning short video track of “Road to Greatness.” He has, over time, evolved to the extent of partnering with other best-selling singers like Annaliese Pearl in the song “Silver Lining.”

Songs in Review

Now, let’s delve into the heartwarming melodies and poetic lyrics of John Maddrey’s exceptional songs.

1. Catching Fire

If you want to listen to a song inspired by love, coupled with catchy melodies, the “Catching Fireflies” song
by John Maddrey is the tune to queue in your playlist. This medium-paced song expresses love and about a million fireflies. The line, “catching fireflies and save them for later, and kept them in a jar,” explains how much he values and cherishes beautiful things. He is saying that he is a keeper when it comes to matters of the heart.

2. Pictures

“Pictures” tune is a deeply felt new track from the North Carolina-based artist John Maddrey. This is your go-to tune if you want to spice up your playlist with motivational and loving emotions. Lyrics like “I was lost, but now I’m standing at your door” will leave you feeling calm and emotional. The thoughtful tones rising cohesively into the freeing emotions in the chorus showcase a sense of being found after getting lost. The song itself provides comfort, tranquility, and a homely feeling. 

In the recurring line “paint your pictures any color, for all the world to see,” Maddrey expresses a feeling of disappointment while also giving a literal encouragement that blends well with the soothing guitar ring and melodious sounds.

3. Hard to find

In this track, John Maddrey captures a yearning feeling of needing the love of his life, but hard to find. The lyrics express all the thoughts filled in his mind, and if only the love of his life would spare some time, they’d catch up and grab a bite.

4. Gone with you

In this track, John Maddrey explains that life inside these four walls is not easy, and maybe that’s why he has been trying so hard to stay in. But along the way, it gets better if the love of his life stays. He expresses how grateful he is to have the one he loves sharing this life with. So, if you are feeling down and blue, I guarantee you this tune will lift your moods within no time.

5. Good times

In this song, the award-winning songwriter is busy chasing love birds, trying to chase good times. He expresses that through experiencing good times, he can now find a way in life because he has been lost in good times.
In short, the self-declared songwriter, singer, and producer has an emotional take on his indie-infused reflective lines coupled with metallic guitar resonance. With heartfelt melodies and thought-provoking lyrics, he invites listeners on an emotional journey that resonates long after the music ends. John Maddrey’s unique notes and inspirational lyrics have something for everyone!

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