Lenny Kravitz | “TK421” | New Single

Lenny Kravitz | "TK421" | New Single
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TK421 — The Song, The Video

Lenny Kravitz has just released his latest single, “TK421,” a slab of fresh funk in a blast of syncopated modern rock. “TK421” is raucous, electric, and unapologetically sexy, especially when you see the accompanying music video. This song is inspired by the funkadelic genius of Prince, with guitars and saxophones dueling for attention above tight bass grooves.

“TK421” has a little bit of everything, with electro synths and dance-friendly beats combined with rock guitars and punch funk licks. Almost delivered as a code, the title of this song actually originated in the Star Wars universe. “TK421” is a designation for an Imperial stormtrooper, and it’s also mentioned in the movie Boogie Nights to reference a stereo system.

The new song “TK421” comes after a few years of radio silence for Kravitz, with his last album Raise Vibration released back in 2018. “TK421” puts Kravitz back in the spotlight, and if the video’s anything to go by, that’s somewhere he’s very happy to be. You can’t talk about “TK421” without mentioning the film clip, which has been getting more attention than the song.

Kravitz is dripping with sex appeal throughout the video, looking fitter and healthier than men half his age. In the clip, he emerges from his morning slumber and rolls over in bed naked to start the day. With the curtains ripped open and the light shining in, he struts around in a towel, has a sexy shower, and enjoys his morning routine in full self-conscious glory. “TK421” is the lead single from Kravitz’s upcoming album Blue Electric Light, which is dropping on March 15, 2024.

The Lenny Kravitz Story

Lenny Kravitz has a rich and varied musical history. Despite his youthful good looks in the “TK421” video, Kravitz is almost 60 years young! Born in 1964 as the only child of an actress and TV news producer, he’s been around showbiz for most of his life. Kravitz had music in his bones from the beginning, banging on pots and pans, learning guitar, and listening to his parents’ collection of R&B, jazz, gospel, and blues records.

His mom and dad fostered a deep love of music, exposing him to all genres and taking him to shows in New York and beyond. His father was also a jazz promoter, hosting greats like Ella Fitzgerald and Miles Davis and even getting Duke Ellington to sing for Lenny on his fifth birthday.

Despite this early love of music, Kravitz’s musical career started fairly late, at 21. He recorded an album under the name “Romeo Blue,” fusing elements of R&B, funk, and jazz with his emerging rock sound. He made a deal with Virgin Records in 1989, releasing the single and album “Let Love Rule” under the Lenny Kravitz name.

Lenny Kravitz became a global superstar over the next few years, touring with Bob Dylan, producing songs for Madonna, and continuing to work on new music of his own. His second album Mama Said was released in 1991, and the single “It Ain’t Over ’til It’s Over” hit number 2 on the Billboard charts.

Kravitz was a household name throughout the ’90s, and the great music kept coming. The album Are You Gonna Go My Way came out in 1993, Circus was released in 1995, and 5 topped out the decade in 1998. He kept releasing music in the new millennium while also working as an actor and starting a design company. Kravitz recorded with hip-hop powerhouse Jay-Z in the noughties, and he also worked on a number of charity projects.

Kravitz’s recent music has been well-received by fans and critics alike, including his last three albums Black and White America from 2011, Strut from 2014, and Raise Vibration from 2018. While this music hasn’t enjoyed the same massive commercial success as his earlier work, Kravitz has never stopped recording, touring, and making people smile with his unique and lovable blend of funk, rock, and bubbling self-confidence.

Where to find Lenny Kravitz

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