Music and Lifestyle | #LocalMusicSomewhere + #OuiTalkRaw Creative Crossover Episodes

JenJessCarousel hosts Jess and Jennifer creative collide in this special crossover show - music and lifestyle.
Music and Lifestyle | #LMS + #OTR hosts Jess and Jennifer creative collide in these special crossover shows – highlighting music and lifestyle. Let’s see what’s created today.

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June 2024

Jess and Jen meet again to analyze music by playing performing segments of their favorite songs and pinpointing the best golden nuggets that have impacted them and why.

(Various topics are brought forth through this segment like universal language, masculine/feminine energy, emotions, etc.)

In the second segment, an original creation is born of the vibe and live energy in studio. Let’s see what kind of song is written in the stars!

February 2024

Jess and Jen discuss how music converges with intuition and the healing journey. Listen in for the perspectives this lens puts on the science of humans creating and how we heal through our art!

#creativeintuition #creativity #intuition #healing #writing #songwriting

Maria Howell interview local music somewhere
June 19, 2024

Maria Howell | How to show up at your best & optimize your brand across multiple disciplines with Terry Hudson in the rBeatz Studios | #LocalMusicSomewhere

Singer, actress, voiceover artist, and speaker Maria Howell shares how to leverage visibility across multiple talent disciplines to impact...
matcha mantra mondays trica patrice johnson ouitalkraw live interview
June 19, 2024

The Courage in Finding Your Calling | Live interview with Trica Patrice from Matcha Mantra Mondays

Through the power of meditation and yoga, Tricia Patrice of Matcha Mantra Mondays, has discovered her true calling! Mantras...
Susan Shafer OuiTalkRaw Spring 2024
June 7, 2024

Mental health expert, Susan Shafer, brings 5 easy steps to set up each season for a healthy mindset & inner peace

This episode of OuiTalkRaw is a must see, with special guest and mental health expert, Susan Shafer, as well...
Jason Scavone Jonathon Erickson #LMS Live Studio Inerview 2024
June 6, 2024

In the rBeatz Studio with musician, Jason Scavone, and drummer, Jonathan Erickson

Watch this episode with Charlotte’s Singer and producer Jason Scavone and drummer Jonathan Erickson as they discuss music, how...
Tim Freer Cajun Queen Guest on #OuiTalkRaw 060524
June 4, 2024

Cajun Queen, every day is Mardi Gras with delicious food, great drinks and amazing live jazz | #OuiTalkRaw #Charlotte

Tim is a managing partner of one of Charlotte’s iconic restaurants, Cajun Queen, since 1985. We will discuss how...
Nathan Dowdy Anna Patterson Live Performance and Interview #LMS in studio Carousel Spring 2024
June 4, 2024

Grammy Nominated, Nathan Dowdy, and Anna Patterson perform live at the rBeatz studio | #LocalMusicSomewhere

Nathan Dowdy and Anna Patterson are in the studio as we discuss the changing music landscape, talk about Garret...
Tyler. Xander Waldrop So Far Away Live Interview #LMS in studio Carousel May 2024
May 30, 2024

“So Far Away” recently released single | Tyler. + Xander Waldrop join host Greazy Keyz in studio

Local musicians Tyler. + Xander Waldrop sit down with Host, Greazy Keyz to discuss their recently released single,...
Eli Yacinthe Live Interview #LMS in studio Carousel May 2024
May 15, 2024

Eli Yacinthe | #LocalMusicSomewhere Studio Interview with Annaliese Pearl

Going live on Friday May 17, to talk with Eli Yacinthe about his musical journey and all that goes...

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