Jessica Drake Mosher | Artist & Music Review | #LocalMusicSomewhere #St.Augustine

Jessica Drake Mosher | Artist & Music Review | #LocalMusicSomewhere #St.Augustine
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Jessica Drake Mosher

A singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist starting in North Carolina, now based in St. Augustine, Florida. Along with her energetic pop rock tunes, she has achieved great success in the commercial and theater worlds. Jess opened Nebulux Music School in 2016 to spread her love of music to the community, and she continues working on new solo material. Alongside her  hand-picked team, Jess,  is excited to inspire the next generation of musical talent.

Early Days and Education

Jess has always loved music, and she started her musical experiments at a young age. Armed with a 4-track cassette recorder and lots of creative ideas, she hit the record button and started making songs aged 14. Along the way, she picked up training in vocals, piano, guitar, and drums, with each new instrument helping new ideas spring to life.

Jess started to get attention almost right away, with her catchy music, great work ethic, and likable personality bringing in lots of new fans. With a few tracks already recorded, she started to get radio play and even landed a deal with Seventeen Magazine and CoverGirl. This all happened while in high school, and it wasn’t long before she started touring around Charlotte with her band.

Jess attended Berklee College of Music in Boston to study Songwriting between 2009 and 2011. Like everything else in her life, she embraced this opportunity to expand her musical training and network with like-minded folks. While she had not received alot of one-on-one training over the years, this was her introduction to formal music education. While she didn’t know it at the time, this would shape her career as a music educator.

Music Releases and Commercial Work

Since those memorable 4-track days, Jess had always spent time working on her own music. While studying in Boston, she was busy writing lots of new material. Just 18 months after leaving high school, she was recording her debut album at a professional studio. Aged 19 and with the world at her fingertips, she delivered a self-titled album of pop rock splendor over 12 energetic tracks.

Jess’s debut album combined infectious pop hooks with young rock vibes. The opening track “It’s a Game” speaks of “giving up and letting go now,” which sets the tone for the rest of the recording. With driving grooves, powerful guitar work, and heartfelt vocals, this debut seems like a direct outpouring of  teenage years. The album also has its softer moments, including the beautiful tracks “Paper Moments” and “Chance.”

Upon releasing her second album The Seed in Gasoline in 2015, with with soul-baring collection coming at a difficult time in her life. While she kept her authentic pop rock sound, this 10-song release feels much more spacious and self-aware. From the opening “There you Are” to the closing “Ok”, The Seed in Gasoline is a mature release with a real sense of spirit. Mosher has also released lots of instrumental music on Soundcloud over the years, including new songs and vocal-free versions of album tracks.

Since her last release, Jess, has taken on alot of commercial work for companies in the United States. She’s been hired to work on ads, games, and product launches, and she’s also done some notable work for children’s theater. Recently created orchestral work for a production called The Ugly Duckling, with this show combining 100 amazing puppets with a 15-piece ensemble from the Arkansas Symphony Youth Orchestra.

Nebulux Music School

One of the latest ventures had been the culmination of her personal musical journey. Nebulux Music School is a great facility located between Charlotte and Winston, NC, with her fellow teachers fostering creative skills through the joy of music. Opening in June 2016, this inspiring center delivers private training, group projects, and band opportunities throughout the year. Lots of instruments and levels are catered for, along with dedicated songwriting and studio technology courses.

As a teenager, Jess stuck a piece of paper to her mirror saying “stick to it.” Her Mom being a Corporate Mogul had a huge influence in understanding at a young age what true discipline can deliver.

Many years later, she is helping the next generation to actualize their creative potential and realize their musical dreams.

Nebulux Music School is about more than learning an instrument — it’s a demonstration that anything is possible.

Jess is currently working on her Solo Career
Joining forces with, The Fish Tank Recording studio’s very own
Lu Rubino, taking this next phase of musical works into another stratosphere.

Along with hosting #LocalMusicSomewhere
On rBeatz Radio.

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