Lucas Beam | Newest Release “I’ll Get There” | #LocalMusicSomewhere #Salisbury #NorthCarolina

Lucas Beam | Newest Release "I'll Get There" | #LocalMusicSomewhere #Salisbury #NorthCarolina
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Who is Lucas Beam

If you’re looking for some easy listening this fall, you’ll enjoy Lucas Beam’s latest release “I’ll Get There”. This singer-songwriter tune is well-made, appealing, and carried by a strong vocal performance by Lucas Beam. Beam is an up-and-coming musician from North Carolina — but the best introduction to him is in the song itself.

“I’ll Get There”, which was released in August 2023, is a fairly personal piece told in first-person by Beam. In the verses, he reflects on his life so far, which he describes as happy and unapologetic. In the pre-chorus, he alludes to mistakes and difficulties, which nicely sets up an emotional release in the chorus.

In the verses, Beam is almost talking more than singing. This is effective given the song’s lyrical content. That said, it’s in the verses that he really shines vocally. In contrast to the verses, Beam sings a message of faith, gratitude, and optimism quite beautifully. Though Beam acknowledges his struggles and mistakes, he’s confident that faith will bring him through to where he wants to be and who he wants to be.

Songwriting for Beam is carving its way. The  lyrics are fairly literal with light detail, to create a light and airy vibe.  Proudly reminising about growing up Lucas going to school, this song leaves us wanting more of an in depth look into Who lives inside Lucas. Can’t wait for more.

I’ll Get There – The Structure

Something incredibly refreshing about “I’ll Get There” is the length. In the TikTok music era, many young artists are putting out songs that are only two minutes long, often without a bridge. Beam gives us a complete song with verses, a pre-chorus, a chorus, a bridge, and a proper outro. The song is longer than most new releases nowadays, but it doesn’t overstay its welcome.

The instrumentation of this new song is good. It’s suited to Beam’s vocals and the lyrical content. The guitar is pleasant and mixed well with the percussive elements, resulting in a song that’s very easy to listen to while out on a drive or when going for a walk. Sticking to a Classic Music Structure Beam decides to keep it real & & not take us off the edge of an experimental musical medley of sound.
Upclose and personal is the vibe of “I’ll Get There.

The greatest strengths of “I’ll Get There” come from the artist behind the project, Lucas Beam. Though the lyrics aren’t quite there yet, his vocals feel very honest and vulnerable. This really comes through in the chorus. The chorus is the standout part of this song, with nice vocal harmonies, heartfelt lyrics, and a very convincing performance.

“I’ll Get There” is an apt title for the song and for Lucas Beam himself. There are areas to improve upon, primarily in songwriting and production, but this song proves Beam’s great potential. He may need more experience to sharpen his skills, but if one thing is certain, it’s that he’ll get there.

What is Next for Lucas Beam

If you enjoyed Beam’s latest release.  You can catch up with him here.
Looking forward to all Lucas has to offer in the way of  future tracks or an EP, Watching this seed grow as a musician, vocalist, and songwriter is exciting.

Interested in adding Lucas Beam’s latest release to your fall playlist? You can listen to “I’ll Get There” and other songs by Lucas Beam by checking him out on YouTube, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Boomplay, and Amazon Music Unlimited. To keep up with this promising artist, you can follow him on TikTok and Twitter.

Where to find Lucas Beam

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