POP, POP MUSIC, “Solitary” by Gina Naomi Baez

This multi brilliant New York Artist, Actress, Musician, Gina Naomi Baez has a hit on her hands with her latest single, Solitary!

Living the life of a hard core Corona Pandemic survivor in one of the hardest hit places in the World, New York City.  Gina Naomi Baez captures  life right now in NYC with yet another one of her kikn self written tunes “Solitary”!   

 This melody has a kik Corona Quarantine vibe. This is one of those songs that you will  hold close to your heart when the time of the Pandemic has passed……a pure memory.

Gina Naomi Baez, started on YouTube in early 2015. She opened up her private self written catalog of songs. Cleverly coming onto the scene with her first EP “You and Me”.

The “You and Me” Ep paved the way for Gina. From there, her single “Unwrap Your Heart” was birthed and brought in over 250,000 views the first week. “BOOM” Gina’s hard work and dedication should not ever be underrated.

“Unwrap Your Heart” has lead to many live and television performance. DC and NYC hold lots of fans that jones for this multitalented artist/actress/musician. Check out the (News URL) below and keep up with the latest on where to find Gina Naomi Baez. Broadway is no stranger to this rising star!

Solitary Sets up soft, Just Wait For It.  Let Gina take you there, by slowly showcasing  her dynamic range of vocal power.  All while bringing you the good word of Soul and the Purity of the moment.

Gina’s Chorus is Fluid and Beautiful. Full of melodic balance. Creating a Perfect Vibe to set this tune off into your World. For So many to identify with right now.  The Solitude Gina Speaks of in her single “Solitary” opens this song up to an International message that speaks to all humanity at the same time.


This Melody has a Kik Quarentine Vibe. This is one of those Songs that you hold close to your heart. When time has passed. The pure memory of music we listened to during this time will be monumental. Check out your copy today and get social with Gina Naomi Baez.

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