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When it comes to discussing character, who better to dive into other than Arik Ancelin. The Florida native hit the ground running in 2020, carving a path for himself in the music world.

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Highly Motivational Entertainer with 1.5M TikTok followers, Advocate for Musicians with Disabilities, Master in Taekwondo

To set the stage, Arik is one of three children and full of soul. He is a second-degree black belt in Taekwondo and became famous on TikTok late in 2019 after he shared a video clip “leveling up” and stunting his Rolex. From there he’s shared hundreds of videos full of dance, motivational clips, and his music which have earned him a remarkable 1.5 million TikTok followers.  Erik attended LaVilla School of the Arts and has made music and dance his life.

Arik has shared over and over that his goal is to be a famous disability rapper and finds inspiration to motivate all types of people to be happy in life and feel good about themselves.  His debut song “When I Turn 18” dropped in July 2020 and since then he has produced a handful of singles and EPs, some collaborating with rappers such as DJ Nitti, TEO G, and Greco Tax. On top of these singles and features, Arik has poured his time and talent into producing two albums a year since 2020.

It’s not even halfway through the year and the rapper has brought us more and more. His single “True Colors (feat Nitti)” dropped 13 days after the New Year and has accumulated 13,000 plus views in four months on his topic page. To top that, Diamond in the Rough has over 3 million hits!   26.7K YouTube subscribers patiently await the next addition. On his personal page, you can find his music video for “When I Turn 18” which has 527,000 views. Other successful music videos are “Diamond in the Rough” and “Living My Life” with 621K and 78K respectively.  Needless to say, Arik has not been in the rapping game for long, but in the few years, he has blown people away with his talent.

As of June 2022, we are all anticipating his new release “Emerald in the Smooth” a clear catchy title playing the opposites of “Diamond in the Rough”.  He has shared on TikTok that he is collaborating with MoonLander and a Charlotte, North Carolina studio for this new song.

He currently has no upcoming tour dates published but keeping up with this artist’s social media is the best way to track down any fresh hits, videos, or podcast announcements.


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True Colors

When I Turn 18

Diamond in the Rough


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