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Official SickMix X

Music is supposed to move. It’s supposed to captivate, to resonate emotionally. It’s supposed to make a difference for audiences, wherever they are found. Sickick gets this, and he’s here to break down boundaries and give listeners across the globe something to really vibe with.

Who is Sickick?

So who is he, exactly? Well… Sickick is Sickick, also known as Lotus Rai Babber, a visionary producer, vocalist, and musician who is out to do something a bit different. Originally from Canada, Sickick prefers to let his artistry and his work do the talking, stepping back into enigmatic shadow while his thrilling fusion of EDM and a broad range of other genres take center stage.

But is Sickick really so enigmatic and mysterious? There’s much more to know about an artist – about a human being – than details like where they went to school or what they have for breakfast every morning. We can learn so much about the man himself from his music, journey, and approach to his craft. By offering something outside of celebrity culture and round-the-clock updates on the lives of stars, Sickick is delivering a much more profound message.

The mask:

Sickick wears a mask, but he does not hide behind this mask. While once he covered his face to help him deal with the anxieties and apprehension of performing – of putting his art and his work out there for public consumption – the mask has become so much more than this. It has become a mirror for the man himself, a reflection of the strength and courage it took to overcome his fears and to grow, both as a musician and a human being. For this artist, the idea of personal struggle and progression is a vital one, transcending race, gender, skin color, and the labels that are so often placed on us in society. Everyone can engage with the beauty that he creates, wherever they’ve come from, wherever they are going, on wherever they are on their journey.

The journey:

Sickick’s own particular journey has taken him a long way. He counts his audience in the millions – 12 million to be precise, across platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. His tunes have been streamed over 500 million times, as fans really connect with what the artist is putting out there. Among his list of collaborators, Sickick can call on industry legends like Sean Paul, Post Malone, and even Madonna. Tours with megastars like Drake have also helped the artist reach an ever-growing audience.

One thing’s for sure – people are going wild for Sickick. Tracks like Frozen – with Madonna – and Cooped Up / Return of the Mack, reworking the classic Mark Morrison jam Return of the Mack with Post Malone, are garnering rave reviews from industry insiders and fans alike. His latest release, Long Live X – a tribute to rapper DMX, a big influence on Sickick, who passed away in 2021 – is another huge track that is cementing Sickick’s reputation as one of the best and brightest in the business.

The connection:

His live sets and DJ sets are also taking the world by storm. For an artist that’s all about connection, these events are a big deal, giving fans the opportunity to enjoy a shared, communal experience, with a banging soundtrack.

If you’ve not yet had the chance to experience what Sickick is all about, now is the time. If you’re already a fan, you’ll be looking forward to what comes next from one of the most exciting producers and musicians on the planet. With a clear message of positivity and inclusion, he is out to change the world for the better.

You can catch Sickick 2024 coming soon:


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