Annaliese Pearl Feat. John Maddrey | “Silver Lining” | Song & Artist Review | #LocalMusicSomewhere #Charlotte

Annaliese Pearl Feat. John Maddrey | "Silver Lining" | Song & Artist Review | #LocalMusicSomewhere #Charlotte
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Annaliese Pearl has just released her beautiful new song “Silver Lining.” Featuring the guitar playing and vocal talents of John Maddrey, this three-minute track is a gorgeous piece of indie pop floating on gentle melodies and shimmering instrumentation. “Silver Lining” is about the small things in life and how they often make all the difference. Pearl’s vocals are sweet and soulful throughout, as she looks for peace and partnership in the big wide world.


“Silver Lining” was released on September 1, 2023, gracefully marking the first day of autumn. Moving forward on a relaxed groove against a delightful backdrop, Pearl reflects on the chaos of her mind and how she relates to the rest of the world. This song is about the sheer frustration that comes from searching and seeking a better way forward. Even when people let us down and things seem lost for good, the human mind will always exhaust itself looking for a solution.


This song comes after the release of “Indomitable Spirit” by Annaliese Pearl, which was released in May 2023 on Weber Records. Each track showcases a different aspect of her personality, with “Silver Lining” providing a softer and more introspective lens on her personal world. A large part of the vibe on this track is down to John Maddrey’s fine guitar work and backup vocals, both of which provide a grounding element.


John Maddrey is a self-proclaimed singer, songwriter, producer, and sad boi. His emotional take on indie folk combines thoughtful lyrics with jangly guitar tones and understated melodies. Maddrey’s authentic voice and inspirational writing style is inspired by modern indie rock and ’60s psychedelia. Along with his own great songs, such as “Pictures,” “Hard to Find,” and “Good Times,” he sometimes collaborates with other like-minded artists.

On “Silver Lining,” Annaliese Pearl and John Maddrey present a great musical partnership. Both artists are relatively young and unknown, but you can expect more great things in the future.

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