Steff Da Campo & KDH | Music Review — “Kanpai”

Steff Da Campo & KDH | Music Review — "Kanpai"
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Who Is Steff Da Campo?

Steff Da Campo is a producer and DJ hailing from the Netherlands. He has made a name for himself with groovy house music with a focus on bringing vocals to life. He started gaining a following in 2016, and in 2018, he broke out. He was the second highest on the Top 101 Producers List from

Steff was one of the 40 most played producers in the world in 2018, and he released five #1 records on Beatport. The next few years proved to be just as good, as he released a variety of singles and remixes with multiple labels, including Spinnin’ Records and Big Beat/Atlantic Records. Two of his tracks, “Why Boy” and “Renegade,” both quickly garnered over 10,000,000 streams each.

In 2020, Steff Da Campo continued with several big releases, including a collaboration with Laidback Luke and a remix for Galantis.

He has played at club shows and festivals around the world and has collaborated with additional artists such as Tom Budin, The Farm, 2Crimes, David Puentez, Chico Rose, and OneRepublic. He also announced new partnerships with some of the biggest names in the industry, including STORM Agency, Spinnin’ Records, and Sounds That Never Sleep.

His latest mix, “Say Say Say (Waiting 4 U),” has reached over 22,677,000 streams on Spotify alone. Some of his other tracks — including “Make Me Feel,” “Out of My Mind,” “Deeper Love,” and “Everybody” — have contributed to the fact that this DJ and producer has easily reached over 50 million streams on his tracks.

He describes his music as “Groovy Future & Bass House,” which fits rather well, as many of his songs have a futuristic element to them. Steff Da Campo recently collaborated with KDH on a fresh new song released in February.

Who Is KDH?

KDH, from the Republic of Korea, is a fairly new artist on the scene. First debuting in 2019, he’s slowly making himself known as he collaborates with different artists in the industry. The singer released his first album, Forever, in 2019 and has released numerous singles since. One of his latest singles, “Waiting for You,” has seen 137,000 listens on Spotify alone. He has over 78,000 monthly listeners on the same platform. So far in 2023, KDH has released three singles, including his collaboration with Steff Da Campo, titled “Kanpai.” The song was released on February 17.

Music Review — Kanpai

This new release on Spinnin’ Create is heavy on the funky, groovy, and futuristic components and has a lively, upbeat, and catchy tune. Starting strong on the vocals, with just a hint of eeriness creeping in the background, the song quickly gives way to the drums and synthesizers that carry the song the rest of the way through.

Kanpai has a “club” vibe to it — the ones that make you want to get up and groove to the music. It’s the perfect piece for a nightclub.

The song has quickly gained traction on both Spotify and YouTube, with almost 9,000 listens on Spotify and over 1,700 streams on YouTube. The song has gained comments such as “Steff da Campo and KDH on Spinnin’ Create! This is a creative banger, better than ‘Home’ and ‘PAPASITO’ :)” and “Absolute sick ,” as fans are thrilled about this collaboration.

Kanpai is a fabulous way for both artists to start out 2023, and with music that is grabbing attention and drawing in crowds across the globe, expect to see more from both of these artists before the year is over. The only way for them to go from here is up!

Where to find Steff Da Campo?

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