Strandz & Digga D | Music Review

Strandz & Digga D | Music Review
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Who Is Strandz?

Strandz is a rapper and musician who was born in Germany. He grew up, however, in Nigeria and then moved to South London. When he was young, his Nigerian heritage became a part of him, giving him tons of life experience to grow from. He understands that heritage and still feels connected to the culture today.

Strandz uses his heritage and sense of belonging to help influence today’s younger generations to be true to who they are and to keep their sense of self. He wants them to know that they can be friends with the ones who have always been there for them and can be legit with themselves.

When he moved to London, he already had that sense of self, and while he, like all young people, fell into the trap of life, he quickly got out. Strandz knew he didn’t have to cave to the pressures from his peers. He knew he could fit in while still being himself.

Strandz’s music style references the late 1990s and early 2000s. You can hear the influence of musicians like 50 Cent, Jay-Z, and G-Unit, but it doesn’t completely mimic a throwback. Instead, he brings it into the hip-hop era with a low and slow delivery and a twist that brings in the hip-hop of today.

The artist recently paired up with Digga D on a new hit that has taken the world by storm.

Who Is Digga D?

Digga D, born Rhys Angelo Emile Herbert, is a British rapper with Jamaican and Barbadian ancestry. The controversial rapper has quite a past. His interest in music came at a young age, and he released his first single when he was 14.

Digga D started a UK drill group called 1011, after the two postal codes W10 and W11. He’s widely considered a pioneer of the drill scene, and he often raps about topics that get swept under the rug. He founded his own record label, Black Money Records, and has released three mixtapes: Double Tap Diaries, which reached no. 11 on the UK Albums Chart; Made in the Pyrex, which reached no. 3; and Noughty By Nature, which debuted at no. 1 on the chart.

His music has been influenced by the British Caribbean community in London and has its own unique style. It’s a mix of bashment, rap, and dancehall. He spends his time rapping about the inner-city life that young people face today. His influences on the UK drill scene and on young inner-city kids are strong. GQ Magazine had this to say: “the most influential British rapper of our time.”

Digga D caught the attention of law enforcement with some of his music videos and has been issued a Criminal Behaviour Order. The rapper is allowed to continue to make music with certain conditions in place. There are certain places and circumstances he cannot rap about, and he must notify authorities within 24 hours of uploading videos. He’s been in prison several times for violating this order.

He just teamed up with Strangz to release one of the best rap songs of 2023.

Music Review: Us Against the World

“Us Against the World” brings this duo together in an effective tribute to the kickback era of Get Rich or Die Tryin’. The song is opulent and a bit over the top — in a good way. It draws you in and hooks you right from the opening beat, as Strandz paints a beautiful picture of two lovers facing the world, struggling and hustling every single day to make a better life.

Strandz originally wrote and released this song on his own, but it’s the remix with Digga D that is currently drawing attention. He chimes in with a cameo, explaining why one shouldn’t go through life alone. He lets the audience know that his girl helps him in times of need and together they’re a team. She helps him focus through the cold sweats and paranoia he faces and turns him into a better human being.

It’s a fantastic collaboration between the two artists, and I expect it will continue to climb the charts over the next weeks. I can’t wait to see what the two will release next!

Check out Strandz latest Single –
Strandz – J’adore

Where to find Strandz

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