Regis Ohm | Artist & Song Review | #LocalMusicSomewhere #Belgium

Regis Ohm | Artist & Song Review | #LocalMusicSomewhere #Belgium

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Regis Ohm: The Belgian DJ Taking the World by Storm

Regis Ohm, Belgian-born DJ, is taking the world by storm. His music is a fusion of electronica, techno, and ambient, with a dark and experimental edge. Known for hypnotic groovy and undulating beats, which take listeners on unfamiliar journeys & new & exciting places.

Ohm’s music has been described as “hypnotic,” “haunting,” and “otherworldly.” Often compared to the work of other electronica pioneers such as Aphex Twin and Autechre.

But Ohm’s music is more than just another rehash of what has come before him.

Constantly pushing the boundaries of sound, creating music that is both challenging and accessible.

Ohm opened up his career in the early 1990s,  and since then shared the stage with the biggest names in electronic music, including Carl Cox, Laurent Garnier, Miss Kittin, and Marco Bailey. Releasing music on the most respected electronic labels in the world – Soma, Mille Plateaux, and R&S.

Ohm’s music is not for the Meek n Mild. It is dark, experimental, and challenging.

If you are looking for that special something that will transport you into another stratosphere, check out Regis Ohm. He is the future of electronic music. Now let’s take a deep dive into who Regis Ohm is.

Who Is Regis Ohm?

Are you looking for something new and exciting in terms of music? Look no further than the renowned Belgian deejay and artist known as Mike Hoffman, who now goes by R-WAT or Regis Ohm. From his early days of experimenting with technology and music to creating catchy beats today, he has proven versatile and dedicated to honing his craft.

Despite having only recently burst onto the scene, this star is already on the rise, garnering critical returns from connoisseurs of quality electronic music across all corners of the globe.

He has shared the stage with some of electronic music’s most celebrated names, such as Carl Cox, Laurent Garnier, Miss Kittin, and Marco Bailey.

Regis is well known for his unique sound — blending beats with bass and percussion instruments to create something that sounds genuinely breathtaking! He has made multiple appearances on major radio stations. His presence on streaming apps like Soundcloud has built him a sizable fanbase over the last few years.

With his unique fusion of punk-rock, garage, and electronic elements, Regis has created an ever-evolving musical sound that will leave lasting impressions. From head-pounding thrashing rhythms to trippy synth riffs — his songs will have you tapping your feet while pushing your musical boundaries.

Depending on the crowd, his sets range from downtempo to deep house and melodic techno. As a part of his repertoire, Regis has crafted several mixes and continually updates his ever-growing selection titled Tribe Tunes.

His mixes are available for streaming on Soundcloud and Mixcloud, providing an immersive experience perfect for any situation. Whether you’re looking to relax or excited, there’s a Regis Ohm mix for you!

If you are unfamiliar with his work, now is the time to jump on board and check out what Regis Ohm is all about. Boasting an ever-changing sound, he is a master of reinvention and creativity; this artist merits careful attention in the coming years.

Music Review: Don’t Let Me Go

Regis has created a unique sound in electronic music, evident in his newest single, Don’t Let Me Go (Original Mix) — an upbeat and catchy tune with an infectious melody that’ll have you dancing along in no time.

The song opens with soft keys, leading into a smooth electronic beat and captivating vocals that draw you in from the first verse. The catchy melodies intertwine with well-crafted rhythms to deliver an energetic presence to the listener.

The chorus is memorable, with a melodic hook that will stay in your head for days. This track will undoubtedly be stuck on repeat for many listeners! Whether you’re dancing away to the catchy beats or simply chilling with friends, this song will make its way into your heart.

Where to find Regis Ohm

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