The Byrd Family | Historic Dupree School Bluegrass Festival | #LocalMusicSomewhere #Alabama

The Byrd Family | Historic Dupree School Bluegrass Festival | #LocalMusicSomewhere #Alabama
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The Byrd Family

The Byrd Family is a unique and wonderful nine-member family from Alabama. The family started learning classical music together in 2010 and truly enjoyed learning to play. By 2015, they discovered their love for playing bluegrass music and currently perform a mix of bluegrass and gospel with bluegrass roots.

Some of their favored instruments are the fiddle, mandolin, upright bass, banjo, and guitar, and they all jump in on vocals in various songs when performing. The family has been traveling around playing music for about six years at different festivals, churches, and other events throughout the southeast corner of the U.S.

The group has been involved with a preservation project that is working toward saving Dupree School, a historic one-room schoolhouse in Ashford, Alabama. They shot a video there to bring attention to the project and the work being done to save this piece of history.

Where the tour will take The Byrd Family

The Byrd Family already has a full schedule for much of 2023 and has festivals booked out as far as September. On March 25th, they play at the Historic Dupree School Bluegrass Festival. They are playing alongside The Benton Brothers & Company, Old Harmony, and Blue Holler. The festival will raise money for the Dupree Preservation Project and will also include fireworks, silent auctions, fantastic food, and a kids’ fun area.

Other shows in March include Good Hope Methodist Church in Columbiana, AL, and New Elm Baptist Church in Moultrie, GA. In April, the band will head to Mt. Olive Bible Church, in Opp, AL, and Mural City Coffee Company in Dothan, for a wonderful evening show. They’ll also head to The Camp – Braswell Miniseries for an early performance on April 22nd.

Throughout the late spring and early summer, The Byrd Family has performances scheduled at churches in AL, GA, FL, before winding up at the Landmark Park Bluegrass Festival on September 9th, where they’ll start the day with the National Anthem, before taking the stage for their performances at 2:00 pm and again at 6:00 pm.

A Bright & Blessed Future for the Talented Byrd Family

This musical family continues to impress their audiences with their musical abilities and natural charm every time they set foot on stage. Whether you’re new to the Bluegrass scene or a lifelong listener, the band is a treat for everyone.

For more information on The Byrd Family’s full schedule, including showtimes, visit their event page!

Where to find The Byrd Family

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