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Who is Tiësto?

Tiësto, whose real name is Tijs Michiel Verwest, was born in the Netherlands and fell in love with music at a young age. As early as 12, he decided music was something he wanted to spend his life creating.

Now, Tiësto is an award-winning DJ, producer, and artist and the only DJ and producer that has held the title of “The Greatest DJ of All Time” from Mixmag, “The Godfather of EDM” from Billboard, and “#1 DJ” according to Rolling Stone. He has created a style and music design that sets a new standard for successful dance music. He always evolves and tests new genres to see what fits his style.

Tiesto – Latest Hits

Artist Tiësto recently released his new mini-album, All Nighter, under his own record label, Musical Freedom Records. The album contains seven songs, all with a techno-funk vibe. Tiësto has used his mixing and artistry talents and collaborated with other artists, including Tate McRae, Ava Max, and KAROL G, to bring fans an eclectic mix of dance music that makes them want to move and groove. Heavy on the drums and synthesizers, the mix master has created some masterpiece music for this album, and his upcoming album Drive, which releases on April 21, 2023.

Songs from the album, like the namesake, “All Nighter,” “The Motto,” “10:35,” and “Lay Low” quickly gained popularity upon their release. “All Nighter,” which was released in early 2023, has already garnered almost 13,000,000 listens on Spotify alone.

He has sold over 36 million albums and has 8 billion cumulative streams. His social platforms play to over 30 million fans across the globe, and his fame gave him a chance to play at the 2004 Olympic Games. After releasing several albums, being certified Platinum in 15 countries, Gold in 8 countries and having numerous top 10 hits, Tiësto founded his own record label in 2009.

About Musical Freedom Records

Musical Freedom Records was created after Tiësto left Black Hole Recordings. In August 2009, the record label was formed as a way to freely express the music he was performing in his live sets. The idea was to produce the music from these performances and share them with fans across the world. What started as a way for him to share his music has grown to include other artists as well, as Tiësto quickly found a passion for discovering and helping new talent find their footing in the music industry.

He has taken numerous artists under his wing, mentoring them, producing their music, and guiding them through the twists and turns of the industry. The record label, an offshoot of Spinning Records, has become a defining record label for artists in the dance scene and similar genres. Beyond his own music, Musical Freedom has released records for David Guetta, MORTEN, DREAM, VER:WEST, Mike Williams, Interrupt, Michael Sparks, and many other independent artists.

The data platform 1001 Tracklists elected the record label “Most Supported Independant Label” for two years in a row. In 2021, the label became the most streamed record label on Beatport.
There’s no question that Tiësto has had a big impact on the music world and the dance scene of today, as he continues to create and produce his own music and mentor others as they find their way. If you’re looking for music with a creative twist, check out the music from his record label. And don’t forget to tune in to
Tiësto’s two latest albumsAll Nighter, which has already been released, and Drive, which is being released at the end of April.

Where to find Tiësto

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