Visulite Theater | #LocalMusicSomewhere #Charlotte

Visulite Theater | #LocalMusicSomewhere #Charlotte
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Visulite Theater Charlotte

Visulite Theater in Charlotte is the heart and soul of the local community. As one of the city’s premier live music venues, it continues to impress loyal patrons and excite new audiences from across North Carolina. Big-name talents and upcoming superstars perform all colors of the musical rainbow at Visulite Theater, which makes it an absolute must-do destination.

History of Visulite Theater

Visulite Theater has been a constant force in the Charlotte cultural scene. It opened on February 10, 1938, showing the movie One in a Million starring Sonja Henie. This American musical comedy may not have set the world alight, but it was the start of big things in the city of Charlotte. The theater had an impressive rear projection system, with the box located behind the screen and great views available from every angle.

This venue was a vibrant movie theater during the ’70s and ’80s, and it introduced locals to lots of great films. From Star Wars and The Who’s Tommy to obscure European and art house flicks, Visulite Theater featured a riveting schedule week after week. You can still catch select movies there today, but it’s mostly transformed into a thriving concert venue complete with a great sound system and full bar.

Upcoming Shows

The good vibes keep coming at Visulite Theater, with great shows happening throughout the spring, and well into the future.

Last month Cactus Dayjob hit the Visulite stage on Friday, March 31, with this local band graduating from high school jazz to emerging indie rock sweethearts. What a show!

This weekend is packed with great music, highlights including Lucius on April 15, The Lemon Twigs on April 16, and Samia on April 17.

Next week, The Protectors of the Endangered: Spring Fundraiser Concert will feature fantastic performances from some of Charlotte’s favorite musical acts. Tickets are $75, with all money raised going towards children’s literacy and planet protection. For something a little different, The Flamingo Revue: The Late Show brings cheeky burlesque shenanigans on Saturday, April 22.

The great music continues throughout the year, so keep your eye on the Visulite Theater website to stay in the loop.

Where to find Visulite Theater

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