Caro B |  R’n’B  – “You Can Be My Boo”

Caro B |  R'n'B  - "You Can Be My Boo"

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What do you love the most about R’n’B? What is it that made you fall in love with the genre for the first time, and kept you coming back for more?

If you said sweet summer vibes, soulful melodies, and just the right dose of hip hop swagger, then get ready to fall in love all over again.

Introducing Caroline Benzon — better known as Caro B — a singer, songwriter, and performer who represents all the things that make this genre so special to millions across the globe.

Originally from the United States’ capital Washington D.C., Caro now resides in LA, and is soaking up the glitz and the glamour of the City of Angels. This glitz and this glamour is right there in her tunes, but that’s certainly not all. There’s also a relaxed confidence to Caro’s music, and a refreshing new take on the style — as an artist, she’s already hitting her stride.

With her latest single, You Can Be My Boo, Caro B teams up with Brooklyn B to deliver a perfect slice of classic, retro-tinged R’n’B, updating the timeless ’90s vibes for a whole new generation of fans. Gen Z’s R’n’B savior is here, and she’s sounding incredible.

Of course, to anyone who knows Caroline, this will come as no surprise. For Caro, music is life. She’s been doing this basically her whole life, belting out hits to karaoke tapes and creating her own compositions on the piano since the age of five. This hobby rapidly became something more — fast forward a few years and we find Caro studying vocal performance at the prestigious UCLA college in the Sunshine State while working as a nightclub singer to fund her education and develop her talents.

This experience has been huge for Caro, giving her the opportunity to expand her range and encounter new influences — all the while developing a style all her own.

Now, Caro B is ready to make a big move into the R’n’B stratosphere. With her new album, Just Three Words, Caro took on a project that matched her ambition and drive, crafting a record of original tunes to showcase what she’s all about. Citing contemporary superstars like Dua Lipa and Doja Cat as influences, alongside long-standing pop royalty like Adele, Caroline delivers banger after banger on her debut LP. Don’t be mistaken, though — while Caro B has done her R’n’B homework and paid her dues, this is a record that is wholly, unmistakably, her own.

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