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Dezzy Hollow, born and raised in Oceanside, California, is a self-made artist, making waves in the rap industry with his style.

Dezzy Hollow’s music, a fusion of funk’s soulful sounds and hip-hop’s gritty authenticity, reflects his upbringing and environment. Blending funk and hip-hop isn’t every artist’s forte, and his ability to do this seamlessly speaks to his skill and passion for the craft.

In his latest album, Caught in the Funk, Dezzy Hollow takes us through his journey, the ups and downs and everything in between. Caught in the Funk is a rollercoaster of emotions, with each track telling its story, promising to have you hooked from the opening bars. Dezzy has never been one to shy away from vulnerability, stripping his soul bare for the world to see, and he does exactly that in Caught in the Funk.

Check Out a few hits on –  Caught in the Funk.


“Worldwide” is a collaboration between two seasoned artists, Dezzy Hollow and Kurupt. Their energy and chemistry are evident from the opening bars, and their ability to blend the two styles speaks to their skill. 

“Worldwide” is a declaration of their status in the music industry. They’re confident in their skill and aren’t afraid to acknowledge their global presence and influence. The two are self-assured and use the song to assert dominance as key players in the rap scene. Yet, amid all these, Dezzy and Kurupt remain grounded, determined to push boundaries and soar even higher. 

The track’s production, with its compelling rhythm and dynamic instrumentation, further enhances its appeal and provides the perfect backdrop for these two lyrical works. The duo is in sync, building on each other’s verses to create a narrative that hooks listeners to the end.

But “Worldwide” is more than a boastful anthem; it is a rallying cry for those who dare dream — a message of resilience and determination. The two remind us that with hard work, we can achieve what we want.

“Worldwide” is a track that demands to be turned up loud, with each verse revealing new layers of lyrical prowess from these icons.


The track’s message is to multiply. Dezzy Hollow is fueled by hunger and determination for success and is willing to put in the work. Dezzy intends to multiply everything — wealth, success, status, and influence.

He isn’t afraid to show his vulnerability as he acknowledges the challenges he has faced to get there. But instead of dwelling on them, Dezzy uses them as his stepping stones, affirming that he has put in the work and deserves to be rewarded.

The production is tight, the flow is flawless, and the message is crystal clear: Dezzy Hollow wants to multiply, and he’s taking us all along for the ride.

“Multiply” is a breath of fresh air, a reminder that you can turn your dreams into reality with enough grit and hustle. Success isn’t only for the privileged but also for the underdogs, and Dezzy Hollow is a living testament to this.



Proud is an anthem celebrating Dezzy’s self-made success. In just over four minutes, Dezzy takes us on a journey through his hustle, challenges, and triumphs, all while oozing a sense of pride.

Dezzy Hollow lays it all out on the table in sync with the beat. He’s proud of where he’s from, where he is now, and of the grind it took to get there. Dezzy isn’t afraid to acknowledge his struggles, the disrespect he took, and constantly being told to give up. He, however, wears his scars as badges of honor and affirms he wouldn’t want it any other way. Dezzy is grateful for the grind and the lessons learned along the way.

In “Proud,” Dezzy Hollow relishes his accomplishments, big or small. He isn’t going to let society dictate what is worth being proud of; he’ll be proud of every single step he takes. Dezzy invites us to share his achievements and be proud of him, which adds a sense of community to the track. 

Through “Proud,” Dezzy reminds us to acknowledge our achievements, regardless of how small. 

Let It Be Known

“Let It Be Known” is an invitation to Dezzy’s world — a world where talent rules and hard work pays. His lyrics are raw, as he makes it clear that he is here for the long haul. Dezzy is cementing his status as a rap titan, backed by the West Coast and endless resources. 

He has put in the work with the late-night studio sessions and countless revisions and wants the world to recognize this. Dezzy is making a statement, letting everyone know that he isn’t backing down.

But “Let It Be Known” is more than Dezzy Hollow’s success. It’s a call for us, a reminder that success isn’t handed out on a platter but earned through blood, sweat, and tears. So let it be known — Dezzy Hollow is here to take over!

Caught in the Funk shows the power of music in connecting people through shared experiences. Dezzy Hollow bares his soul and invites us to join in his pursuit of success and greatness.

Caught in the Funk shows the power of music in connecting people through shared experiences. Dezzy Hollow bares his soul and invites us to join in his pursuit of success and greatness.

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