Hip-Hop | EKLY

Hip-Hop | EKLY

rBeatz Radio took to the studio and got an inside scoop on a new rap artist coming to the scene from Charlotte, NC. Introducing EKLY and his 7 song EP “Divine” which can be summed up in one word – FIRE.

Although fresh out the gate, EKLY has shown an awesome ability to change style and I want to almost say genre without losing quality or skipping a step in lyrics or flow. His initial song submitted to rBeatz that is streaming on OuiGlobal radio is a hard hitting, Juice World vibe track. His next four song EP switched gears and dons a more R&B vibe.

Getting started EKLY made his music and kept it to himself. Soon, he found that his peers and family were really into his work, and he began using that support to motivate him to make more. His lyrics are EKLY’s message behind the music. His newest album dropping today, June 10, called Divine is about exactly that. Put yourself right where you need to be and embrace, we are all on this Earth for a reason. “I’m here until I fulfill my job on this Earth,” he told us.
His beats are purely his own and don’t rely on sounds or sampling from other artists he creates the beats himself in his own studio.
He closes his studio for the day to pick up the skates. Light as a feather across the ice, Kyle competes with other teens in the Charlotte area in an amateur hockey league. Music, hockey, school, and more. Kyle focuses on school and aims to attend college but is looking forward to his junior year of high school.

Show your support to EKLY on Instagram @EKLY.VERIFIED. Drop in and download his music Apple Music and more.


Q – For Starters Please introduce your mom, then and tell us a little about Current Kyle?
A – “This is my mom Arlene & right now I’m 15 and I’m mainly basing my life around music and ofc school but I’m going as far as it takes me. I’m a junior at a high school in Charlotte, NC.”

Q – Sports – what do you play?
A – “I do play sports I play hockey I did football in middle school and basketball in first grade.”

Q – Is College in the Front window?
A – “Yes, I think I want to go to Georgia or South Carolina.”

Q – The Name EKLY What is the story behind it?
A – “To be honest, I saw a TikTok one day that said see what your name is in alphabetical order, and I did that and ran with it“

Q – Was music something you wanted to do as a child?
A – “Music has been in my family since I was born. My dad played piano and I grew up playing drums.”

Q – How many people are involved in the making of your music, and has it always been this way?
A – “I used to go to the studio with this guy that took me in and then I learned how to do it myself, so I got a studio at home and started doing it myself.”

Q – How did you develop as a musician and bring it into what you are today?
A – “I’ve always wanted to be many things growing up. NHL, NFL, and more but I kept always running back to music.”

Q – Do you dabble in other areas of the Arts? If so, what are they?
A – “I like to draw although I’m not great at it, but I love writing stories and if I could direct a movie I would.”

Q – What Artists/ Bands do you pull inspiration from?
A – “I always loved Aerosmith, Juice WRLD, XXXTentacion, Travis Scott, and Guns N’ Roses.“

Q – Talk to us about your Genre & the evolution of musical trends that you started with and where that is today?
A – “My type of music I would like to call it deep and when I say deep you have to listen deep enough to enter the world that I came from when making this song.”

Q – What is your hottest track to date for your fans?
A – “Right now, I think it’s “Phantom” but when the album drops that’s going to change.”

Q – What is your personal Favorite Track & what does it mean to you?
A – “My personal favorite would probably be “3 Story Tale” and “Night” which are songs that aren’t out yet but they’re just so vast with power when I listen to them. “

Q – Have you played out yet Or Do Have any gigs scheduled?
A – “The only time I’ve played out was a school talent show. “

Q – What would your Ultimate Gig location be to play?
A – “I would love to start off here in Charlotte but if I can work my way up in big name places like Vegas would be great. “

Q – What is on the Horizon for New Releases?
A – “I have an album on the way called Divine, which will be out on Friday (6/10/22). “

Q – What is your guilty pleasure food?
A – “Probably most likely popcorn or a bagel. “

Q – What is your personal message to your fans?
A – “I wouldn’t necessarily call them fans, but more family cause family is the only thing that can keep a person going in life and what they’ve done for me, and my music is more than I could ever give back. “

Q – What message do you want to leave your fans with from EKLY today?
A – “Much love to all of you.“

Q – Where can our guests find you on social media.?
A – “My Instagram is @ekly.verified and my Snapchat is @kylespyhalsky19.”

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